Get Ready Get Ready... More Than A Building

Why Get Ready?

There are several reasons we sense God’s call to Get Ready today and to begin the exciting expansion of our church building.  

God is prompting us today

He has impressed it on our hearts that He is about to do something big in Central Alberta and we as a church need to prepare with a posture of readiness. In October of 2018 we came together as a congregation and decided to proceed with Phase 4 of our expansion project.

God is drawing nearer to the broken hearted in Central Alberta.

The economic downturn is like an earthquake – it can fracture lives and relationships that are not on solid ground. Red Deer has the highest rates of domestic violence and divorce in Canada and God will use our seasons of hardship to draw people back to Himself. We need to Get Ready for the new wave of people coming to CrossRoads for help.

God is bringing more people to Canada and Red Deer

We are seeing more people new to Canada coming to our church. Red Deer is a Tier 2 city for receiving refugees and new Canadians. With the world migration crises happening across Central America, Europe and the Middle East there are more new Canadians than ever before. Canada will welcome nearly one million immigrants over the next three years, according to the multi-year strategy tabled in 2017 by the federal government in what it calls "the most ambitious immigration levels in recent history." We need to Get Ready for them.

God is filling our church and we need more room.

Our sanctuary is at or near capacity during the 11 a.m. service. Our facility meeting spaces are at capacity over the course of the week making it challenging to be flexible or meet requests for meeting spaces, funerals, weddings, rehearsals and our own ministry programming. Our building is just one tool to reach our communities for Christ. We want to serve our communities better by creating more multiuse spaces.