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What do you care deeply about?

At CrossRoads Church we care about many things. We often refer back to Isaiah 58 to define the things that are most important to us. From this, we believe we are called to Live Godly Lives, Love One Another Deeply, Give Priority to the Last, the Lost, the Least, the Little and the Nearly Dead and Delight Ourselves in the Lord. We also talk often about compassionately impacting our world for Christ. When we are living this way, we are On Mission with God and with each other.

In a process over the past year or so, a committed group of people who are passionate about mission was commissioned by leadership to pray and learn more about the issues and opportunities in our world. This was undertaken in the context of the principles laid out above. It was an exercise of faith and obedience in allowing God to focus our church in the direction of some specific missional areas to create awareness, understanding, knowledge and ultimately action as a unified church family.
After many months of research, prayer and discussion, this team felt confident that we were to invite the congregation to engage and care deeply for these three priorities: Persecuted Believers, National Pastors and Leaders and Muslims Near and Far. These results were confirmed and supported by our church leadership.

These priorities are not at all meant to discourage people from engaging in other ways or in other arenas, nor is it saying these have more value or importance than others. Yet, it is a way of giving our church particular focus and direction as we follow Him, On Mission together.

On Behalf of the Mission Mobilization Team,

Tracy Minke
Pastor of Outreach Missions


Missions - Caring and working

Missions - Persecuted

Missions - National Pastors

Missions - Muslims