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  • Unexpected Change of Itinerary!

    Half way between Red Deer and the airport, some of us saw our first flight leaving Calgary was delayed. This delay was not 15 min or even an hour but actually over 3 hours meaning we would arrive in Montreal after our connection to Rome was leaving. read more
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  • Sending and Going

    This morning, a group of us gathered around 14 individuals in prayer as they prepared to load up a van and head off to the airport. Thus begins the journey as they make their way to Moldova. read more
    Categories: Missions, Young-adults
  • Categories: Missions, Moldova, Young-adults
  • Nik Ripken Conference Recordings

    We just wrapped up a powerful weekend with Nik and Ruth Ripken. I loved that their stories and words gave us great tools to lift our eyes higher. There was so much solid content shared during their time with us. read more
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  • Ramadan: An Opportunity for Us to Pray

    A month of fasting for Muslims. This time of year my mind wanders to my time spent working and living in Eastern Chad. While I served there, half of my staff were Muslim (as required by the Government). During the month of Ramadan read more
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  • Updates from Italy

    Greetings precious friends and prayer warriors!  It is hard to believe that it is already March and this past week was especially significant here in so many ways. The 21st of February marked read more
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  • "Love Gifts" Used To Bless - Pt. 2

    In short, at the end of our budget year (July) we sent ‘love gifts’ to our missionaries to help them in a difficult Covid season. Everyone did different things with it and we trust it was a blessing. Here is what Dorothy is planning to do with it…wait for it…. Buy a house for a widow in need! She needed a new roof and couldn’t afford it and now she has found a little house in the village this is less than the roof repair! This house has electricity, a kitchen, two bedrooms, a soba (in which they burn wood to heat the house in the winter), an enclosed shed to store firewood, and a fridge (she has never been able to store soup or perishable foods)! read more
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  • "Love Gifts" Used To Bless - Pt. 1

    At the end of our financial year in 2020, we (Missions) had some funds which had not been allocated, due to a number of circumstances – Covid-cancellations, retirements, generous donors etc. As is our custom, we seek the best use of these funds within our influence. This year, a “love gift” was given to our missionaries – it has been a hard road for them too. read more
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  • Amazing times with our Missionaries

    Last fall we hosted 44 missionaries and global workers for a much deserved retreat. read more
    Categories: Missions; Muslims
  • Categories: All Church, Missions; Muslims