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God is Working in Buikwe

Wrapping Up and Heading Home - Brenda

Secondary School Sunday ServiceToday arrived with many and mixed emotions for me. This week has been filled with challenges and triumphs. First, we had travel challenges, lay overs and delays took the wind out of our sails. But then we arrived in beautiful Buikwe. Our hosts are so gracious and love us so well. The first Sunday service with the secondary school students put the wind back in our sails. I won’t recount all the details of the week, but ups and downs continued to pass us by. This morning we divided the team so that some would attend service with the students and others would attend Pastor Alex’s church where our very own Kevin gave the message.

We then had a debrief with our friend Sara, and after driving to Kampala, we visited Reverend Justus’ beautiful church and then had the most wonderful supper with him. We are now waiting in at the Entebbe airport for our first of three flights home.

As I sit and wait for the many hours of air travel to start, I am starting to process my own week. There have been a lot of things I’ve learned from, and even more will be brought to light, I’m sure. There have been many emotional moments along the way. I look at this amazing team I got to be a part of and ask you to join me in praying that each one of us will process our thoughts, feelings, and experiences with our heavenly Father’s help: To learn where we need to learn; To have comfort where we need comfort; and, to remember the successes and triumphs that we witnessed and experienced. Our partners in Buikwe are doing God’s work each and every day and I for one am thankful to say I get to be a small part of that good work. Also please pray for our safe travels and for our partners, that they continue to persevere in bringing hope and Jesus to their community.

A Blessed Trip - Eleanor

Eleanor BibleIn looking over the activities of the past week I’m reminded of God’s goodness and faithfulness. I’ve had several “God moments” that have made this trip to Uganda very special. Meeting my sponsor, a young lady, spending time with her and to know that she’s doing well in school and has very high ambition made my heart so happy. Then meeting my daughter’s sponsor girl and a young man she’s been supporting for 20+ years. Seeing lives changed is so thrilling and I know that sponsorship works.

Then a very special and emotional event on one of the home visits. A single dad looking after his kids, working hard to provide, and also witnessing about Jesus to many. When we visited this family three years ago, we learned he had given his Bible away to a new believer. Kevin asked if he wanted and Bible and he said yes, please. On that trip I had brough all my late husband’s Bibles and New Testaments to be given away. This dad received one of the Bibles. During our visit to him this week, Kevin asked if he still had the Bible and he brought it out for us to see. Inside this Bible was my husband’s picture, which brought many emotions and tears. God’s Word being read through a donated Bible from Canada. what a blessing and inspiration this trip has been for me. God Bless Uganda.

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