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A Blessed Day

Uganda March 17 3Our day began with a visit to the home of Leticia, who is one of the recently graduated Secondary School, which we mentioned briefly in Monday’s update. We were invited to listen and ask questions about what life was like going to school. Her family is made up of the mom and dad and 12 children. They were very poor, and the parents sacrificed and struggled to send all their kids to school. An inspiring story of faith, hope and total trust in the Lord for not only their provisions but to support their education. Leticia’s older sister Stella encouraged Leticia all through here journey in school. It was heart-warming to see how they supported and lifted each other up even as they shared their story. These to powerhouses have an unquenchable faith, the younger with a desire to be a lawyer to defend the most vulnerable woman in their culture and the older a pastor’s heart to spread the message of salvation.

Uganda March 17 1The day continued with a visit to two church planters that have bold faith in the presence of persecution. Both churches were of humble means but rich in faith. As we drove up to the first church, they were praising Jesus and worshiping in their church that was on a hill, and the second church was in a valley.  As we came along side each of these church planters and their fellowship, it was a blessing to pray over them, encourage them, lifting them up to God for renewed strength, provisions, and an increase in followers. 


Three years in the making!

Uganda March 17 6In 2020 I was here and met a single dad that was struggling to feed and take care of his kids, which is odd in this country that the father would even be the caregiver here, on one of the International Needs child assist project tours. Him and I spent some time together then and created a bond. Unfortunately his three children were too young to sponsor into the school program. I kept a picture and thought of him through these years.

Uganda March 17 5Now returning I ask if we could see them. Today was the day. When we showed up he can put to great us from his labourers of the day and said "Kevin". That just about made me tear up. He remembers like it was yesterday. We talked about the last three years. One big thing was a scare for his boy Musitafa, who 6, was hit by motorcycle. Sending him to the hospital with a broken leg and a head wound. Little insite, they don't stop and care if you are in the way.

What this man has gone through is too much to write, ask me sometime. But he still clinched the Bible in his hands that I was able to give him, from Eleanor, and had his faith to persevere.

Uganda March 17 4The exciting part was looking at him and saying I promised you three years something and that something is today! I told you I wanted to sponsor your son! Remember? He said yes! Well today by Gods works is that day! We embraced as men and now we have a lifetime friendship. Before I never could get in touch with him or Musitafa. We both thought of each other through these tough years and prayed for each other. Three years in the making and Musitafa will get an excellent Christian education with two meals a day.

By the way, Musitafa wants to be a doctor!

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