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Do you find yourself with big life questions right now? Wondering if there is more to life than this...



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  • Starting in April, Alpha will be run by small groups in their homes! To kick off this Alpha season, a Come & See night will be on April 16th at 6:30 in the Chapel. 
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  • Want to run your own Alpha at Home small group this Spring?
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 What is Alpha?

  • Alpha provides a space to explore the Christian faith in a community setting.
  • The course is designed to be inclusive for anyone and everyone who is in the early stages of exploring faith and has a desire to learn about Jesus Christ. If you've known Jesus for a while and understand the basics, Foundations would be a great next step to consider.

What Can I Expect?

  • The Alpha course runs for 11 sessions, 1 Retreat Weekend and walks through 16 videos.
  • You can expect relevant topics, relatable hosts and a relaxed environment. 
  • Each evening begins at 6:30pm by sharing a complimentary meal together. Shortly after you'll watch a video and break into small groups where you have the opportunity to discuss the video in a casual setting.
  • Complimentary childcare provided.

11 Sessions | 16 Videos

  1. Is There More to Life Than This?
  2. Who is Jesus?
  3. Why did Jesus die?
  4. How Can I Have Faith?
  5. Why and How Do I Pray?
  6. Why and How Should I Read the Bible?
  7. How Does God Guide Us?
  8. Introduction to the Weekend
  9. Who Is The Holy Spirit?
  10. What does the Holy Spirit do?
  11. How Can I Be Filled With the Holy Spirit?
  12. How Can I Make the Most of The Rest of My Life?
  13. How Can I Resist Evil?
  14. How and Why Should I Tell Others?
  15. Does God Heal Today?
  16. What About the Church?

Anything Else I Should Know?

The first night is simply a "Come & See" experience. If you're still unsure about Alpha, why not come check it out and experience it for yourself? It's a no pressure, no follow up, no charge opportunity to see if Alpha would be a good next step for you (and maybe a friend).

For more information, contact CommunityLife@CrossRoadsChurch.ca