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August Speakers

August 1

Jordan Cavanaugh
Pastor of Community Life, CrossRoads Church

Message Title: "Love Has Feet"
Scripture: Luke 10:25-36

Jordan's Recommended Reads:

Love Does 
by Bob Goff

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

August 8

Kyle Trigg
Family Life Pastor, First Alliance Church, Calgary

Radical Centre List:

Sentimentality ----- Love ----- Indifference
Giddiness ----- Joy ----- Gloom
Impassibility ----- Peace ----- Strife
Enablement ----- Patience ------ Intolerance
No Boundaries ------ Kindness ------ Cruelty
Reckless Indulgence of Others ----- Generosity ----- Stinginess
Zealotry ----- Faith ---- Infidelity
Passivity ---- Gentleness ---- Harshness
Asceticism ----- Self-Control ---- Self-Indulgence

(Based on the work of Marion L. Soards and Darrell J. Pursiful)

August 15, 29

Shawn Hubert
Ministry Lead Pastor, CrossRoads Church

Focus on Luke 8: