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We believe people find hope and grow in their faith the most if they are surrounded by a loving community. CrossRoads' Groups provide many different opportunities to find belonging, spiritual growth, and ways to serve the community. There are a variety of unique groups which meet regularly in-person or online.

Explore our group options below and get connected today! 



Common Interest Groups

  • Based around common interests or life stages.
  • Primary goal of building a sense of community and relationships.
  • Secondary goal is spiritual growth.

Growth Groups

  • Based around a common desire for spiritual growth.
  • Primary goal is spiritual growth.
  • Secondary goal is building relationships with those in the group.

Serve on a Team

One of the best places to get to know people is when you’re serving alongside them. We have a community that needs us and many opportunities to serve. Each talent is welcome! Let’s put our God-given abilities to work.