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The Day of Rest

Uganda Student Church Service 5

After 3 days of traveling, many airports, long delays, canceled flights, re-routed to other counties, packed airports, everyone was stretched to capacity, we finally arrived in Entebbe. Everyone was tired but excited to be in Uganda again and some for the first time.

After a long van ride, we finally arrived at Buikwe in the evening. Exhausted, stretched and uncertain of the things to come, our first order of business in the morning was… Sabbath.

The LORD prepared our arrival for Saturday March 11 so that the very first thing we would enter during our time in Uganda was His rest. We were reminded of a recent message from Pastor Jordan C. about sabbath and how the very first day of Adam and Eve’s lives was the Sabbath day of rest. – Bernie Walker

Eleanor shares her experience of the day:

Uganda Student Church Service 2

We joined the students in their morning worship service at the school. They worship with such joy, exuberance, and enthusiasm. They truly blessed us in this time. Kevin shared the word with the students, which he did really well!

I got to meet a couple of students and they shared what God has been doing in their lives. 

Uganda 2023 - Visiting with Sharon

It was so encouraging to see their growth in their walk, their dreams, and their ambitions after they graduate from secondary school.

We ended the day with a devotional time as a team. I believe that this trip has been ordained by the Lord and I am personally being stretched during this season here in Uganda.

Uganda Student Church Service 4Kevin also shares his thoughts on The Rest Day!

Question. Could you have a Sabbath? Could you go to church, worship God passionately, listen to the Word with the intention of learning and hearing from God, and can you take a day of REST!

I could challenge you, but I took it upon myself first! No phones, no internet, no tv to distract, no rushing out because you have an agenda! Welcome to Uganda! I, for the first time in a long time, had a Sabbath and it was great!

First, I got ask to speak at the youth service, which by the way if I remember right, has doubled in size. The worship was amazing, just a microphone and their voices praising God. The song the Heart of Worship came to mind, it’s an older worship song, that really impacts this. The heart is inside of us.

Uganda Student Church Service 1

The Holy Spirit is alive here and filling and leading the service, even me! God led me to talk about Psalm 37 1-7. I encourage you to read it.

I then went to visit a friend that I have kept since the last trip, Pastor Alex, who was running his church service. I just caught the end of it but enjoyed tea with him after his sermon.

I then came back to have lunch and rest! I took a ball out and spent the afternoon playing soccer with a couple of kids that quickly turned into a group of about 25.

The day of rest is amazing, and I know that is what God wants for us. But did I really have to come all the way to Uganda to figure it out? Yes and no! He forced me so that I can actually understand it and be able to part take in it.

Uganda Student Church Service 6

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