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September 1, 2019

Hilda's Story of Praise in the Midst of Mourning

August 16, 2019

Get Ready...More Delight

“Why aren’t I a joyful person?” Nicole began to wonder after several years. She did not expect to experience anxiety and depression after she had children. The daily struggle of being a mom came out of left field.

“Maybe it’s just not part of your personality to be joyful,” one friend suggested. But Nicole struggled with that. “But… it’s in the Bible,” she thought to herself. It’s a promise and it’s something I want.”

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August 9, 2019

Get Ready...More Outreach

As Matt was leaving, he noticed the cabinet maker was also finishing up. They exchanged a few words and Matt noticed as they spoke that the man’s eyes had pain and loneliness in them. Matt only paused momentarily before heading out the door. “See you later,” he said.

Matt felt crushed during his entire drive home. How could I do that to somebody? Matt thought to himself. Here, I have so much hope in my life. I have just the hope he needs, and yet I just walked out the door.

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