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  • A New Normal

    The other day someone asked me, “When will things get back to normal?” read more
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  • Simple Joy

    “Weeeeeeeeee!!!” Our toddler joyously exclaimed on the 30 minute car ride home. We are first time parents... read more
  • Be Missional

    I sit on the toilet and pause. Oddly, I find myself more grateful for toilet paper lately. In light of COVID-19, I didn’t think much about the paper product... read more
  • The Bread of Life vs a Loaf of Bread

    I spent the better part of last week helping students collect their belongings and shelving books in the school library... read more
  • Trust Him Completely

    "On your marks, get set, go!" The official would click the starting pistol and we were off on the 400M dash. I could feel the adrenaline with each stride and I’d push myself to get ahead of my fellow track stars. Truthfully, I was just a kid yet somehow the addiction to ‘go’ started in my childhood and it never stopped.  read more
  • IN Uganda Turns 25 - Thanksgiving Service

    The guests arrived from multiple countries, local community members from the capital and nearby communities arrived as the stage was being set for a grand week of celebrations. International Needs Uganda (INUG) was putting on a 5-day party to celebrate 25- years of transforming lives in communities in and around Buikwe. In 1994 the ministry began with a humble building on an abandoned sugar cane plantation and in the years since the surrounding community has deeply felt its presence. read more
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  • The Eye of the Needle

    A certain calm covered us, as we all agreed we had to go. There was no question. There’s too much to be done. Even though we have not been able to have teams come and we would not dare bring a group in at this time, we felt confident that we were supposed to come, and that we would get through. Marc, Tammy Love and I bought our tickets in faith, believing that a path would clear and we would be able to get back down to Haiti this November.  read more
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  • Get Ready… More Outreach (Part 2)

    read more
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  • Get Ready… More Outreach (Part 1)

    read more
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  • Pine Lake Outreach

    Thank you CrossRoads Church, for your generous gift to allow us to replace our teaching gazebo.  We use this gazebo every day during our camps and it has been an integral part of our ministry for over 35 years.  Thanks to your generous gift it will continue to be used for generations to come. read more
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