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Church Health Activity - June 2022

The CrossRoads Church board wishes to acknowledge and thank each individual who participated in the June 2022 Church Health event. We are so grateful to have heard your insightful perspectives and to know that you are deeply invested in fostering church health.

Ministry leaders continue to explore ways to support and equip members to foster community and will find many encouraging ideas in the responses to the Church Health activity.

Among the major themes was a clear assertion of the importance of our CrossRoads community being involved in service, both within our church and within our community. Another theme affirmed the importance of prayer – private prayer, group prayer, in church, in homes, and in small group settings.

What follows is a brief presentation of the major themes that were expressed. These themes will be one source of input and information for Church ministries, as well as the board, as we look at ways to support and equip the body to fulfill the activities you have identified as important.


At the Summer General Meeting in June 2022, nearly two hundred attending members and adherents participated in a carousel large group activity. Participants were asked to respond to four questions.

The first two questions were inward-looking, focusing on healing from the past and building unity. The other two were more outward-focused, regarding fulfilling our vision and using our gifts.


Responses for the first two questions identified two strong themes, and one secondary theme.


  1. What are some specific and practical things that we can each do, as part of this church family, to help us heal from the stresses of the last two years?
  2. What are some specific and practical things that we can each do, as part of this church family, to build unity among ourselves?

Response Themes

    1. Build Community
      Two groups of ideas around building community surfaced among the responses:
      • Ideas for building community individually:
        • attending church in-person where one can meet and engage with others
        • expressing hospitality – opening our homes and lives to others one-on-one (joining other families for social activities or inviting them for a meal)
        • initiating one’s own small group
      • Ways to build community via CrossRoads-sponsored activities:
        • joining a home/small group through CrossRoads’ Community Life ministry
        • creating a Sunday brunch event or other church food event
        • reopening the café
        • hosting tailgate parties 
    2. Extend Grace to Others
      This theme took two forms:
      • Forgive and Accept:
        • extend forgiveness
        • show kindness, grace, respect, and acceptance to others
        • let go of past hurts
        • be sensitive to others
        • seek forgiveness as required
        • look forward, not back
        • don’t gossip
        • refuse to be judgmental
        • call others to encourage them
        • honour each other’s gifts
      • Listen and Share:
        • listen to others’ perspectives without judgement
        • share stories of what Jesus has done or is doing in our lives
        • listen to understand; listen even more when someone has a differing perspective
        • share testimonies
    3. Pray
      Prayer was a secondary, less emphasized response to the first two questions and included deeper personal prayer, partner prayer, and group prayer.
        • pray for the church
        • pray for unity
        • bless one another with prayer
        • pray for the city
        • pray for three people
        • develop a prayer life
        • daily prayer

Responses for the third and fourth questions often agreed with or augmented the responses to the first two questions. Again, there were two main themes, with prayer as a less-referenced third theme.


  1. What are some specific and practical things that we can do together to carry out our vision to reach Central Alberta for Jesus?
  2. What are some specific and practical things we can do within our church family, to live out our faith using the gifts that God has given us?

Response Themes:

    1. Serve
      For both questions, serving had a very strong community focus. Responses to the fourth question also referenced specifically serving in CrossRoads programs and being equipped to serve. The responses again emphasized personal initiative, while also considering ‘church’-led involvement.
      • Ideas for serving the community:
        • meet practical needs of local agencies
        • serve/volunteer in the community
        • offer rides to hospitals and appointments and to church
        • partner with other churches
        • seek out community needs and learn how to meet them
      • Ways to serve within the church:
        • serve within the church
        • step up
        • participate in church, children's ministry
        • outreach to seniors
      • Equipping to serve
        • mentoring/discipleship – senior Christians with new Christians
        • training on identifying gifts and abilities
    1. Build Community
      Connecting and community was also a significant response for the third and fourth questions. Community-building responses for extended into workplaces and local neighborhoods.
        • extend hospitality
        • host community events, block parties, BBQs
        • bless our neighbours in practical ways (e.g. meal)
        • structured, intentional “hospitality” Sundays
        • invite people to CrossRoads
        • intentionally develop friendships with non-believers 
    1. Prayer
        • intercession groups
        • ask – how can I pray for you?
        • pray for pastors
        • prayer walk around neighbourhoods
        • praise and worship offsite
        • individual commitment to prayer
        • personal prayer to know how and where to serve
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