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2021 CrossRoads Summer Meeting

Pastor Dan’s Address

Our meeting this year began with an address from Pastor Dan in which he offered an important reminder that the main thing is still the main thing. The biggest thing ever is still the Gospel and that hasn’t changed through the last year and a half. He challenged us to consider three things that will help us work toward determining how we can become a healing and a missional presence in our world. 

  1. We need to have a fixed reference point, which gives us clarity and orientation in all our circumstances. It’s not so much our theology. It’s a dynamic connection to Jesus, who sits on the throne of the Universe in real time.
  2. Be very present to our circumstances. The world may not be what we wish it to be, but it is the world we have. Ask yourself, what is Jesus doing right now and how is He asking me to engage in what is happening?
  3. Practice and have a posture of hospitality. Every time you welcome someone into your home you welcome them into your heart. This is so important in a world that is polarized and afraid. We need not worry about how many come back when things open back up. It is important that we welcome those who come.

Pastor Dan concluded by inviting us to continue wrestling with the question: how do we become a healing and a missional presence in our world? 

Stories from our Congregation

Several stories were then shared from those who were in attendance. The stories carried a common thread of God’s provision and blessing through unexpected circumstances.

  • Gord Kingcott shared gratitude for the care he received from many people when he was in the hospital and at home recovering following a heart attack recently.
  • Jesse Hein and Dwayne Holland both shared stories of how God has been working in amazing ways in people they interact with in their workplaces.
  • Trevor Schultz shared a story about how God provided for his son and his son’s girlfriend by changing travel plans in the midst of the complexities related to travelling through the pandemic season. Through these changes, God turned things around for the better in a way that they could not have planned. Other stories included workplace circumstances in which people made themselves available to God, resulting in being used by God to bless, pray and care for others.
  • Pastor Dave Morin shared how God has blessed him and his wife, Jen, through the process of becoming a foster family. He thanked God for providing them with a way to minister together in their marriage.

Affirmation of Trevor Schultz as a Board Member

Trevor Schultz was presented by the Board for affirmation by the congregation. After the vote was cast, it was announced that Trevor was indeed affirmed! Here is a little bit about Trevor: 

Trevor is a 45 year old Alberta-born and raised entrepreneur at heart. Originally from Grande Prairie, he began a career early on in the pipeline industry. Trevor started as a labourer, then ticketed welder by trade, and later transitioned to shop/ equipment manager. He now enjoys being self-employed and working at home on an acreage west of Red Deer.

Trevor, with his wife of 23 years, Angie, chose to call Red Deer home in 1999. They have raised their two children, Liberty (22) and Jared (21), in Red Deer. They have been blessed immeasurably by this city, community, and CrossRoads Church over all these years. Trevor encountered Jesus at the Holy Spirit Retreat through an Alpha Course offered by CrossRoads Church in 2001. Along with Angie, they became members and have called CrossRoads home ever since.

Trevor is incredibly honoured to say “yes” to the role of board member, and as a couple and family, they embrace the opportunity to grow in their faith and serve this church community however God leads. They have a heart for discipleship -- especially for young men and women, marriage, and raising kids in a Christ-centered home -- as so many of this church family have poured into them over the years to strengthen them in these same areas. Trevor looks forward to getting to know more of the congregation in the days ahead.

Global Compassion Committee Update

Tracy Minke, Pastor of Outreach Missions, shared an update from the Global Compassion Committee (GCC), which included a quick report on our global partners in Haiti, Rwanda and Uganda. Please pray for each of these partners as they each experience unique struggles. You can stay connected to these partners through the various video updates that are published on our website.

Other items she shared included short-term outreach teams, which have been on hold in the midst of the pandemic, as well as upcoming opportunities to serve on the GCC. You can stay up to date on these items by watching our social media and website.

An exciting announcement that Pastor Tracy shared is that the GCC is looking at expanding our partnerships to a fourth global partner. You can help the GCC with this process by completing a short survey at

Financial Report and Budget Proposal

Pastor Jordan Polson presented an update on the current fiscal year’s financial situation. With just over a month left in this fiscal year, we are grateful for the provision of God as we have not had to renegue on any commitments, nor have any of our ministries suffered as a result of lack of funds. We trust that God will continue to provide through to the end of July when our fiscal year ends and as we enter into a new budget year.

Kendra Berniko, Director of Finance and Human Resources, presented the 2021-2022 budget, which will see a 1.2% increase over the last fiscal budget. The 2021-22 budget is 15.7% over our projected actual for the year. It is a budget of faith in God’s provision as we enter into post-pandemic ministry at CrossRoads. This will require an increase in giving compared to the previous year, which we trust will happen through God’s faithful provision. After a voting was completed by the in-person and online attendees, the proposed budget was passed. 

Thanks to all who participated in the meeting and for those who continue to prayerfully engage in the ministry of CrossRoads Church!

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