Get Ready Get Ready... More Than A Building

Expansion and Drawings


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This expansion will happen over 2 phases:

Phase A (May – September 2019)

The first phase of our building project involves expanding the foyer and the capacity of our sanctuary.

Our present sanctuary is at capacity with 900 seats. Transforming pews to theatre seats will increase our seating capacity to 1050 seats to meet demand in the near term. In May 2019 we will begin sanctuary updates and expansion of the main foyer to the South so people have more room to connect.

Phase B: (April 2020 – Summer of 2021)

The wall is coming down. We are building a new addition to the West of our facility!

Building Details

We believe buildings are critical tools that empower outreach, relationships and discipleship. It is just one tool that empowers our ministries! Our Sunday teachings, Ministry programs and events are also tools. The following building details emphasize how our building will serve to empower us missionally as a church community.

The sanctuary expansion:

This is all about creating more room for people across Central Alberta to have an encounter with Jesus. We will expand seating to accommodate over 1800 people. Visualize these seats filled with people from the furthest reaches of our communities in Central Alberta worshiping Jesus. 

New enhanced video room with three translation booths:

We are reaching out to more people with English as a second language. Translation booths will allow us to translate up to three different languages during a service. Additionally, our video room will be updated and relocated to the second floor of the new build.

New self-serve resource library:

New revolving content such as ministry resources or sermon series will be at our finger tips. 

New relocated prayer room:

Prayer is part of our DNA at CrossRoads Church. We want everyone to be drawn deeper into prayer as we Get Ready. As more people arrive in search of help and hope we also want to be ready with a more accessible, suitable and inviting prayer space off the main foyer.

People will have a greater opportunity for lasting life change if they can find love and community that will provide them the belonging, discipleship and encouragement needed to grow deeper in their walk with God.

Expanded foyer:

Our foyer is often crowded and congested as we arrive for and depart from Sunday services. To encourage and accommodate more community and sharing after weekend services we are creating more space and seating areas.

New visitor centre (i.e. Connecting Point):

We are building a more accessible and prominent place for people to get connected with the communities and information they need to take that next step to do whatever God is calling them to do. Attended by team members, the new Ministry Corner will be located in the middle of the foyer.  

More bridges to Central Alberta

Additional meeting and multiuse spaces:

Our existing meeting spaces are often booked up to capacity on key evenings.  They serve and empower our ministries to be effective while also allowing us to bless Central Alberta as they open new possibilities for people to come into a church building who otherwise may never step into a church.

We are adding more meeting spaces and an additional large multipurpose space for additional ministry use, funerals, weddings and conferences – all events that are often competing for space. Additionally, a large, strategically located space will allow more discrete and suitable space for our Celebrate Recovery and Single Moms Ministries.

Other capacity needs

Additional administrative and office space:

Our current office capacity is full, and so we will make more space taking into consideration current capacity needs and future growth.

Parking lot updates:

To accommodate increased traffic we are:

  • Enlarging the car port for more drop offs and pick ups
  • Enhancing the parking lot to improve traffic flow
  • Improving handicap parking with better access
  • Completing pavement to the West


We will at least double the number of washrooms in the new phase along the west side of the sanctuary from what exists on the east side of the sanctuary.