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FINAL COUNTDOWN dodododooo dododododoooo

Our day began, once again, at the Urban Centre learning about another new program that they run. We learned about their art therapy that they run for women and children who have experienced trauma. We went through a short therapy session as a group which was very insightful (picture below)! One of the favourite parts of our trip has been learning about the different ways Beginning of Life/Light of the World Church are able to reach every group within their community. They have programs for kids, teenagers, young adults, women, men, families, and people with disabilities. As a team, we have been blown away and inspired by the path God has provided for Beginning of Life/Light of the World Church in Moldova.


After the Urban Centre, we headed out to Baltsata as a team for our last full day serving Ukrainian refugees in Moldova.  We were able to jump right in and reconnect with relationships we had made the previous week. Which was so fun! After a super yummy lunch, of food I can't remember the name of, we moved outside for "batut" (bouncy castle) and games with the kids. We kept busy all afternoon with, lawn games, volleyball, limbo, tag, and many random game that got lost in translation but we were still playing them! A couple young adults from urban teens came and we cycled through four different game stations before ending with a bible story. These kids are amazing, I wish you guys could meet them, because they would forever be in your heart. It has been such a blessing getting to experience little God moment through the smiles and laughs of these kiddos. After another fully loaded amazing carb supper. We said our goodbyes, had our final conversations and hopped back into our chariots of steel. 


After Baltsata, we were honoured with the opportunity to drive to a lookout point near the Moldovan border to pray over Ukraine. We got to stand on a peak beside Transnistria where we could see Ukraine in the horizon. It was a very powerful moment that brought us back to the reality of the war that has changed the lives of all the people we have met and worked with. It was a very sobering moment to be able to associate faces that are now in our hearts with the country in turmoil that we were now overlooking. This war is real. There are real people with stories and families behind the news. Please pray for people who are trapped in the middle of this war. There is so much evil yet God is still working and it has been so encouraging to meet Ukranians who are clinging to Him and others questioning a higher being that is looking out for them!

We love you all and are so grateful for your prayers and support! 

Love Catrina and Jaycee for the team :)


 Art story


 Above: We had the opportunity to buy stuffed animals made by women and children as a part of their art therapy!



 Dom serving

 Above: We did not get a lot of photos of those who did a lot of the physical work during our trip, but we (especially a few of us) did a lot of physical work!



 Prayer over Ukraine

 Above 2 pictures: the team praying over Ukraine that can be seen on the horizon.


 Above: our late supper tonight was at mallDOVA!

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