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Double Dose of El-Sadai

The past two days we started with devotionals in Luke 10:25-37 as well as John 13:1-17. These stories of the parable of the good Samaritan and Jesus washing the feet of his disciples shortly before his betrayal put our team in a good place to serve. We were able to reflect on how both stories teach us how to live in service of each other and our neighbors, whoever they may be.

The whole team the past two days has been working at El-Sadai camp, a christian run summer camp that is currently being used to house refugees from Ukraine. After an approximate hour drive south of Chisinau to the camp, we all quickly got to work doing many things.

This specific environment gave everybody the opportunities to do physical labour as well as interact with refugee children and families. A lot of styrofoam insulation as well as lumber that was intended to be reused was moved by all members of the team at different times.

Boys building

The familiar sound of children yelling, "Batut!" was very present as both bouncy castles were brought for use. The camp  itself had a lot of space to play with the kids, whether it was soccer, frisbee, or tag. The facilities’ outdoor volleyball net, playground, as well as shaded sitting area came in handy when finding ways to spend meaningful time with the kids.

The playground itself was less than, "up to code" though. A few of the guys used the first day and a bit of the second in order to replace broken boards and added supports to make it safe and usable.

The connections we made with the El-Shadai staff (especially the head of the operation Nicholai) and the refugees were quickly and strongly made. These past couple days have been great in getting a perspective of the refugees and the people in Moldova looking to aid them. Between sharing lunch and dinner at the camp both days, playing, and just having fellowship with these great people, it is making the near end of our trip bittersweet.

Thank you for all of your prayers, and please continue to pray for the people of Ukraine as well as the wonderful people of Moldova assisting them.

Bing Bong

Zach S and Aaron

 Serghei with kids

Boxes up



Loading boxes


S and L



A tower




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