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  • Church Health Activity - June 2022

    The CrossRoads Church board wishes to acknowledge and thank each individual who participated in the June 2022 Church Health event. We are so grateful to have heard your insightful perspectives and to know that you are deeply invested in fostering church health. Ministry leaders continue to explore ways to support and equip members to foster community and will find many encouraging ideas in the responses to the Church Health activity. read more
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  • 2021 CrossRoads Summer Meeting

    The Summer Congregational Meeting at CrossRoads Church takes place annually toward the end of our fiscal year, just before we enter into the summer months. This is a time when highlights of the last ministry year are celebrated, stories are shared and we take care of important items such as finances and in this year’s case, the voting in of a new Board Member.  read more
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  • My Psalm 23

    As the old song says, “this world is not my home, I’m just a passin’ through.”  I am on a journey to my celestial home and My Father in Heaven is read more
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  • How a Pair of Shoes Rescued a Child

    In the basement of the church are a few bins of shoes that remain from last year’s Love in the Laces shoe collection. Extras, not chosen or not required, because their size was not in demand. This fall, when school started up, I had requests for shoes from school social workers read more
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  • Feeling Out of Sorts This Christmas?

    Sometimes I get a 'whisper' that comes fully formed and way too complex for my little mind to have conceived. This is what I heard the other day... Right now, so many folks feel Out of Sorts. Our 'Christmas Time' has become a tradition of pleasures: favourite foods, desserts, treats and drinks. We spend time and effort decorating, making our homes look festive and colourful. We anticipate being surrounded by read more
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  • A New Series. A Team Effort.

    We're excited to start our new series "It's Complicated" on Sunday, Nov 8th! We've had so much fun getting this series ready to bring to you - from creating visuals to filming to selfies in the foyer - that we wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what it takes to set the stage (so to speak) for... read more
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  • #IamSent

    Sherri shares with us her #IamSENT story of where and how she recognizes that she is stationed at home. In September 2017, I was accepted at Central Alberta Refugee Effort as an EA in the classroom of adult ESL students,  from many places around the world. Then in 2018, I was accepted to teach read more
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  • Life-Giving Water

    I have often described myself as a “jack of all trades and a master of none”. I can do a lot of things fairly well but not one thing is the “best”. Gardening or growing things, besides kids, is not one of the things... read more
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  • Without Them, Our Doors Wouldn't Open

    Do you ever wonder what it takes to keep our building functioning? It takes a team with grace, love for the people, endurance, adaptability, and a deep desire to create a space that gives people a chance to encounter Jesus. Before March 15, 2020 it took a team of eight to keep the building clean, functional, safe and equipped for use by the various internal ministries and external groups. That team is now... read more
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  • With All Their Hearts For Christ

    Have you watched Sunday services online? Have you encountered God? Has He spoken to you through these services? Besides the people you saw on your screen, others had a part in bringing the services to you.  Besides the people you saw on your screen, others had a part in bringing the services to you. “Jaw-dropping.” “Beautiful to watch.” read more
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