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  • Ready, Set, Spin - We Want to Celebrate You!

    On Thurs, June 11th the sun shone beautifully for us as we celebrated our volunteers from Community Life, ECM, and K-6. Over the past few months, we read more
    Categories: 56ers, All Church, Community Life, Early Childhood Ministries, K-4, Welcome Teams
  • My Covid Story

    There is a common question being asked, “How are you doing?” I hear the genuine curiosity and I know it’s because the individual cares. It’s also clear to me that... read more
    Categories: All Church, Mycovidstory
  • A Mother's Day Special

    If we have been blessed to be raised by a woman of God, we have experienced strength as grace. Here's to the women who raised us. read more
    Categories: Family, Women
  • Jesus, Take My Wheel

    The past few months have caused many of us to seek deeper, reflect longer and look further regarding the things of our life and our relationship with Jesus Christ. I have read blogs and read more
    Categories: All Church
  • Banana Bread Baking & Beyond

    It seems God had a plan for the countless bunches of bananas, pounds of butter, bags of chocolate chips & scoops of flour I went through baking Banana Bread. read more
    Categories: All Church, Outreach
  • A Defining Moment

    Have you ever read a scripture that made no sense to you? You read it and it just leaves you with questions... read more
    Categories: All Church, Daily Reflection, Prayer
  • A Hope to Encourage

    Part of my job at CrossRoads Church is to sift through all the ideas, suggestions, and requests that come through the Communications Department. Admittedly, I had put this one off. It had been a full week... read more
    Categories: All Church, Outreach, Serve Opportunities, Updates
  • A New Normal

    The other day someone asked me, “When will things get back to normal?” read more
    Categories: All Church
  • Simple Joy

    “Weeeeeeeeee!!!” Our toddler joyously exclaimed on the 30 minute car ride home. We are first time parents... read more
  • Be Missional

    I sit on the toilet and pause. Oddly, I find myself more grateful for toilet paper lately. In light of COVID-19, I didn’t think much about the paper product... read more