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Faith at Home

As followers of Christ, we are commanded to pass along our faith. Home is the place that holds our most intimate relationships and, as such, it is the most crucial and effective place to pass on our faith. One way CrossRoads Church is committed to help and inspire you to do that is through Faith at Home events.

Faith at Home events offers you an opportunity to invest in the spiritual life and development of your growing family. They are a small investment of your time that will pay off big; with a stronger, faith-inspired family!

Each event is centered on a biblical theme and then offers a unique and creative way for you to connect around the theme with your child, both at the event and at home.

Faith at Home events are offered once a year for each of the grade/age levels advertised. On a Faith at Home Sunday, the event will be the only programming offered for this grade/age level. Parents and children are highly encouraged to attend the event together, at either the 9:00 am, 11:00 am or 6:00 pm service. (Grandparents are also welcome!)

Upcoming Faith at Home Dates:

January 15 - Grade 2
January 29 - Age 3
February 26 - Grade 4
March 26 - Grade 5
June 11 - Grade 6

There is an excellent resource to families by Mark Holmen called “Faith Begins at Home”.  You can purchase a hard copy of the book or the Kindle version here.