Be Part of God's Story

Let's get ready to join God in what He's doing in lives here in Central Alberta and around the world.


In this video Pastor Dan Cochrane talks about our vision, the amazing work that God is doing, our current financial needs and what it looks like to be part of God's story here at CrossRoads Church. 

"Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or imagine." Ephesians 3:20

In an everchanging world, we’re called to lift our eyes to Jesus and look BEYOND what we can see, trusting in God’s faithfulness. God is already at work here in Central Alberta and around the world, inviting us to be part of His story. 

As we aspire to lead more people to Jesus and impact our world we need to be ready—ready in our hearts, in our minds, and with the resources to participate in what God is doing to transform lives. Inspired by Ephesians 3:20, we’re reminded that God can exceed our wildest expectations. So let’s be ready to play a part in His story today and in the future.

Trusting in God

Reflecting on God’s past faithfulness in our lives and in the life of our church, we can go forward trusting that He will continue to provide and guide us to fulfill the ministry that He’s called us to do.

Expecting More

We are called to attempt great things for God while expecting great things from Him. This means daring to believe that He will do more than we can ask or imagine—today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Leaving a Legacy

The dreams that God has given us are beyond today; they are about leaving a lasting legacy of faith for future generations. Every act of faithfulness and generosity today will leave an eternal impact.

Here's some of the great stories and stats highlighting the impact of our ministries here at CrossRoads.                                   


One day, a widow was driving by the church and the Lord prompted her to stop by because she was feeling hopeless. She came into our office and opened up about what she was going through since losing her husband and how her life was blowing up. Through this interaction and some personal connections here on our staff, she had the courage to start coming to church and connected into our widows support group. The Lord knew she needed to come here and know she’s part of a community that she didn’t know she needed.


Jeremy joined the worship team in late 2011 and faithfully attended our Thursday evening gatherings. After 6.5 years of service, Jeremy began co-leading with us and finally, in 2021, Jeremy became a full-fledged, CrossRoads worship leader! Many of you know how tirelessly he served, how transparently he shared, and how passionately he worshipped! In late 2023, the Regehrs’ Family felt the call to help lead the worship at a different small church. They shared about the many ups and downs of their time here and how it has grown not just their musical and leading skills, but also made new connections and helped grow their faith! Now God is using them to spread His love in another community here in Central Alberta.


I used to come to church and I was the one that was sitting down during worship, and everybody else was singing. I thought everybody was crazy. I came to church to support my family. My family encouraged me to come to Alpha, and I declined quite a few invitations because I thought it wasn’t for me. Listening to Pastor Dan speak about saving whole families, it was like the service was curated to me. I took home a Bible that day, and thought all right, I’m gonna give Alpha a shot. If it wasn’t for that comfortable, safe, environment to ask those questions, I don’t know if I would’ve opened my heart to have the Holy Spirit pour into me. Now I’ve got this joy that I’ve never had before and my way of thinking is completely different. Now I know that I’ve never been more welcomed and more accepted than with Jesus. If there’s other people that have someone in their life asking “Why Jesus?”, we need to be able to provide that safe place for them to come ask those questions. It’s life changing.


In Senior High Youth, we covered difficult topics surrounding God, identity, family, and mental health, which has led to meaningful conversations in our small groups. We have witnessed how our supportive culture (within students and leaders) has helped youth feel safer and become more vulnerable. For some, this has led to more authentic relationships and deeper spiritual growth. For others, it has sparked the courage for them to share their testimony with the entire youth group!

Parent engagement with our youth has increased significantly. One parent said, “I really appreciate how much you and the leaders encourage growth, even on the tough topics… It’s good for them to hear and it gives them more confidence to be stronger in their faith. It’s definitely been encouraging!”

Powerful Statistics

200,000 people attended or visited crossroads in the last year.

68 people are currently being cared for in hope groups like grief share and divorce care.

our GEMS (seniors) luncheons are breaking records with average attendance at 85 people and growing!

we have 116 dedicated people serving on our hospitality teams, welcoming everyone that attends sundays.

in the last year we've been able to introduce 105 people to jesus through the transformative program called alpha.

1,100 people were connected into community through a small or midsize group.

last summer 160 kids attended our summer camp and heard about the love of jesus! and we had over 50 faithful servants helping with this program.

we have over 300 youth (sr.& Jr.High) and young adults attending our programs each week!

over the last 12 months, 94 people chose to be baptized and publicly declare their faith in jesus!

Each week we have 102 talented individuals serving on the worship and tech teams bringing God's word to life through song and music.

Every sunday there are 350 kids worshipping and learning about Jesus in our Children's ministry. And it takes over 50 amazing people to love and serve these kids.

Our pastors performed 36 funerals last year. a number of them were for unchurched families that were able to experience the love and compassion of jesus and hear the gospel message for the first time. We also facilitate widow and widower groups to help these people journey through their grief.

Celebrate recovery has been running every Friday night since January 2009. That's almost 800 Friday nights. there are 25 faithful leaders serving approximately 45 people each week. Marriages have been restored. Family relationships have been repaired. People have found Jesus, turned their lives to Christ and have matured in their faith.


As of mid June the amount given in our special offering has exceeded $600,000 and the contributions keep coming in. Praise God for His faithfulness! We will give another update at the end of June. Thank you to those in our church family that gave sacrificially to the work that God is doing in and through Crossroads Church.

If you haven't been on this page before continue reading below to get a better understanding of what our situation was like prior to May 2024 and why we brought the Beyond initiative to the congregation. And why the amounts received in May and June were nothing short of a miracle from God through His generous followers here at CrossRoads.

Our Current Financial Challenges

God is always faithful. He has always provided for the needs of our church family and the ministry He has called us to. And we are grateful for the generosity of those who give faithfully to God's work through CrossRoads Church.

Over the last few years our giving has remained consistent but unfortunately it hasn't returned to pre-pandemic levels and currently it isn't keeping pace with the ever growing increases in doing ministry. Just like we experience in our own homes the increases in the unavoidable costs of utilities, insurance and maintenance keep putting a strain on our budget. With this we are facing some economical challenges that impact the work that we do for the Lord.

With all of this in mind we are projecting to face a shortfall of $175,000 by the end of this budget year (July 31, 2024). As well, with a facility that is over 20 years old, we have a number of capital expenses that need to be addressed in order to maintain the building that we are stewards of. The capital projects that are urgent will be expensed in this year's budget at a cost of $48,500. The remaining ones will be prioritized in order of importance and be taken care of as the funds become available.

While we are working hard to watch our current budget expenditures and diligently planning for next years budget we know that if our current level of giving doesn't increase we will continually be running into a similar situation each year.

We are always mindful of the need to maintain a fiscally responsible budget without missing out on the opportunities that the Lord is calling us into as a church. Not just looking at today's needs but preparing for the future. In all this we will continue to trust that God will continue to provide us with the wisdom and the resources to do our part in His story.

Financial Statistics

Here are a few stats to give you a better perspective on what it costs to operate our church and our ministries.

our Building Maintenance, Insurance, and Utilities are projected to cost $350,000 by the end of this fiscal year. This is a 30% increase since 2019.

Our Monthly General Budget is $338,964. and Our average Monthly Giving (YTD) is $298,854.

the budget for our children's ministry (ecm & K-6) is $357,981 (7% of our yearly budget).

the budget for our youth & young adults ministries is $466,918 (9% of our yearly budget).

the budget for our missions and global compassion efforts is $1,019,209 (20% of our yearly budget).

The Need for an Increase in Our Giving

As a church family we trust in God's proven faithfulness to provide the finances that we need to do the work He has called us to do. And as always, whenever we have faced the need for increased giving we've gone to Him in prayer to seek what He would have each one of us to give. It's between you and Him. So we invite you to prayerfully consider how you can participate in what God is doing.

Perhaps God will ask you to:

  • give a one-time gift towards the current needs of the church
  • increase your current monthly giving
  • start giving on a regular basis
  • continue to pray and seek how He would have you participate

On Sunday, June 2nd, we received a special offering to not only help us cover our current financial needs but to prepare for our future impact. If you missed this opportunity, you can use the button below to give at anytime. Your involvement can make an eternal difference in the lives of others and in the future of our church. Thank you for your support.


If you have questions about giving or would like to speak to Kendra Berniko, our Director of Finance, feel free to email her at

As we embark on this journey of faith, let us trust in God's faithfulness and expect more from Him. Together, we can go BEYOND our expectations and make an eternal impact.


Heavenly Father,

I come before you with a heart full of gratitude for the community of faith you’ve blessed me with at CrossRoads Church. Thank you for your unwavering faithfulness to me and my church family.

As we prepare for the future and the offering on Sunday, June 2nd, I ask for your guidance. Show me, Lord, how you would want me to participate in supporting the work you’re doing through CrossRoads. 

Help me to trust you, knowing that you are able to do immeasurably more than all I ask or imagine.

May my giving be a reflection of my trust in you and my commitment to advancing your kingdom here on earth. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.