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Moldova Team at El Shaddai Camp

Oct 24:

We start our day with breakfast, fellowship and devotional before we get picked up by Valentin and head out from the hotel to start our day at the Urban Center and their amazing staff. Today our goal was to visit El-Shaddai Camp to spend time with the displaced refugee kids. We stopped at the Metro coffee shop for a bit of body fuel (coffee) and then we continued to the camp.


When we arrived, we took a walk around the camp to see all the new construction that had been completed since the first team visited the camp in May. The renovated space will be larger with more space to support the needs of several displaced people. As we walked around the site, we were also able to see the work in the playground the previous team had done and happy to see the kids using it.


Once the “big kids” finished using the playground equipment, we met the kids at the camp. We had lunch and then we began the activities. We played several games with them, chased soccer balls, frisbees, made balloon animals (well done Brenda and Venta) and simply spent time with the kids. We had time to hand out a few treats before we said good bye……perhaps leaving a few items for them to play with and remember us.

Moving-heavy-thingsDancing-ribbons One-more-pin-please



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