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Moldova-Piatra Alba

Moldova-Piatra Alba

 On Saturday we went on an adventured to a small village called Piatra Alba. We met a man named Genadii. He is part of the Light of the World church in Moldova. He had a vision to start a church in this village. Every Saturday he has a children’s outreach. Volunteers come from other places to help in Piatra Alba. We had the privilege to come along beside them and help.  There were action songs and bible memory. We then went outside to play games and soccer with the children.


 Outside the soccer field a local lady came to watch the children. Her name was Valetina. She had been a pre-school teacher for 47 years. Genadii had witnessed to her several times. Someone asked permission to pray with her and she accepted the Lord. All the angels in heaven were rejoicing over her salvation. (And so were we!)


  The team made friends with the parents and listened to their stories. So much love was flowing there. We came back to the church and had pizza with the children. Genadii shared his moving testimony after the pizza. Bernie blessed Regina the children’s leader with encouragement and love. What a wonderful day in Piatra Alba.

Kelvin asked what was one of the highlights of your day? For me as we were pulling out of the village one of the young girls was standing in front of her house with a ball in her hand. She waved with a big smile on her face, her smile touched my heart.


 (Above is Regina, a young girl who comes to Paitra Alba from Chisinau each Saturday to help with the children's ministry. Her light and love for the children is contagious!)

October 23, 2022  

Today was a blessed day!  We started with breakfast, coffee, and devotions.  Valentine then picked us up for church at the Urban Center.  Vladimir preached a great message on King David from 1 Samuel.  No, we did not quickly learn to understand another language, we had a great interpreter name Roman, who did a great job translating.

After church our team spent quality time with the BOL leaders.  We were able to hear more about the circumstances that they are working with and brainstorming on how we can be a blessing to them.  It was a great time of collaborating efforts.


LeeAnne & Venta

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