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Our official day battling jet lag. Woke up this early morning being tired and cold, yes, it is Fall in Moldova now too. Read Psalm 138 and down for breakfast at 0800hrs. Breakfast was very good, and of course we had lots and lots of coffee! We started our devotions after breakfast on the book of Ephesians and it was very good.

We went to the Urban Center today for our introduction into the ministry called Beginning of Life (BOL) where they spoke to us about their youth programs: Urban Kids, Teens and Youth. I had already known what the ministry did and was about as I was in Moldova in May this year, but hearing it again never fails to amaze me, such a gifted team that our Lord has put together that have hearts of gold to serve.

 BOL ministry

We spent all day at the Urban Center, did well staying awake, our dear brother Serghei (center in above pic) whom is the executive director for BOL and our translator, was very kind in helping us keep awake and taking us for a walk mid-afternoon too. We finished our ministry orientation, talked about some plans for the work in the refugee camps and proceeded to dinner at a restaurant called La Placinte which serves authentic Moldovan cuisine,  which was just delicious! Back to the hotel, more discussion and planning for our time at the refugee camp to help facilitate an English Youth Camp, excited and nervous for it is next week.Orientation


(photo: an exercise on how we see ourselves, used with people who have suffered trauma and are using Art Therapy as part of their healing process)

Please pray for us as we still battle our jet lag, good health and that we can be a blessing to our partners. Time for me to rest as tomorrow is another early start and a long day ahead.

Blessings and thank you for loving us.

Kelvin 😊

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