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Jr./Sr. High Youth Ministries

Ministry ReportsThe year began to look like another COVID year, but we pushed through due to the continued persistence of staff, leaders and students.

The later half of the year we have seen an opening up of not just restrictions, but students more open to talk about deeper things in their lives. We have been so blessed by the youth leaders who have stepped up and shared what the Lord has been putting on their hearts. It’s been so neat this later half of the year for us to be involved in serving in the community through collaborations with the Food Bank, Mustard Seed, and Pregnancy Care Centre, and how that has helped students connect and learn what God is doing in Red Deer and Central Alberta. I think God has used this in a powerful way to show students what it looks like to live out the grand story of the Bible which is realized through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

We also started encouraging the youth to bring their friends to event nights, with the thought that for some youth, just walking through the door of a church was a big enough struggle. We were encouraged that the week we did our glow tribes event, we had over 130 youth between the two nights! More encouraging than that, was one youth who shared that he and his friend had invited their whole class! So we are encouraged that youth have been diligent in bringing their friends. It’s been exciting to hear about conversations from youth who have never heard about Jesus or read the Bible coming to youth!

Another great highlight from this year was the mission’s night we had where youth had a rare opportunity to interact and get to know more about missions and hear stories of real people who have been called to make Jesus’ name known, both abroad and locally. We are also so grateful for the partnership with the worship team to have youth serving in worship on youth nights!

I am grateful for our leaders that serve so well and continue to make youth group a safe place for youth to learn about Jesus and fellowship with each other.

Pastor Josh