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Adnan's Conversion

My name is Adnan and I live in Northern Pakistan. I am a poor farm worker. I have a sister who is younger than me. My mother is old. My father died when I was in class 9. The onus to take care of the family was on me so I discontinued school to work

One day I was working in the vegetable field. Brother Albert saw me from a distance and came to me. He asked me for some cucumbers. He had pity on me because I am a small boy working in somebody’s field in the sweltering heat of Pakistan. He talked quite a while with me. He said that they tried to help people and shared Christianity with me. I liked his attitude. Having hearing the sad story of my family, brother Albert gave me some money. He then found another landlord and got me a better pay job that I may be able to take care of my mother and sister in a better way. Brother Albert started visiting me often. Even though he might not need the vegetables he would still buy some. Again, he found a better placement for me working in a shop. He continued to visit me and tell me about Jesus. I was very impressed with his attitude and character. I found he is so different than the other people I know.

Brother Albert has been telling me about Jesus and also prayed for me. The more I heard about Jesus the more I felt the peace in my heart. One day he gave me a copy of the Pashto New Testament to readBrother Albert then introduced me to brother Amjad. They studied the bible with me. I am grateful to Albert and Amjad that they helped me not only to improve my life, but also put me on the right path of life. Now our family economic condition is much better. I can take good care of my mother. I wish I can get help me to continue my education

I found I’m growing very strong in my new found faith. Amjad told me that after people have accepted the gospel and Jesus, they would get baptized. This is an open proclamation and sign that they are following Christ. I told them now as a Christian, I am ready to receive baptism. They then baptized me. I am really happy in my heart. I have peace and satisfaction. As the circumstances permit, I continue to have fellowship with brother Albert and Amjad. I am grateful that they’ve changed my circumstances and my life. I am thankful to theses brothers in God.

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