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Batut, Balloon Animals, and Borscht!

Our day began at the Urban Centre, once again, learning about their Media Ministry and how they connected to children, teens, young adults, and parents. The resources they showed us allowed their audience to be motivated and inspired through the pandemic to be impactful individuals.

After this, our group split up. Seven of us went to Sunny Land to help out with the physical labour which I was told included cutting a lot of trees and yard work! They also played soccer with some of the kids there, and taught them how to fist bump and high five. The other seven, which was the group Lauren and I were in, drove out to Baltsata to the same refugee centre we were in yesterday. Our day began with multiple outdoor games led by Jaycee and Roman, another missionary connected to Beginning of Life.

Soccer game

After a very delicious Borscht (soup) for lunch, we set up two batuts (bouncy castles) in the camp. This was less chaotic than yesterday and although we had some technical difficulties with electricity, the children were very ecstatic. Catrina, Tracy, Kelvin, and Adam did a great job facilitating alongside some of our translators! When this was done, the children came inside and we started making balloon animals for them. Later, Jaycee joined us as well. These were a huge hit! We ran out of balloons very quickly. Other activities resumed after we ran out of balloons which included chalk, hide n seek, Uno, magic tricks, and scooters.

Before supper, a team from the Urban Centre came and led the children to a few games. It was otlitchna (great!) to see their faces light up during the games and especially when they got their prizes. The team also led them in devotions and talked about Moses.

After supper, we went for a very short walk at a park overlooking the city of Chisinau.

Throughout this trip, God’s provision has been so evident. While traveling, he continually provided the means for us to get here despite many obstacles. I think about a 16 year old girl I met named Victoria who spoke about how her family fled from Ukraine and ended up in this camp. She spoke about how God has provided for her by keeping her father safe who is still in Ukraine with her grandmother and sending her to this refugee camp provides them food, shelter and a sense of family/comfort. It’s incredible to see God’s provision in such a palpable and impactful way.


Lauren Dueck and Shane Dequin


Yard work


Yardwork at Sunnyland! Aaron (top photo) and Barry (bottom photo).

 SunnylandTeam at Sunnyland.                               


Above: Group from Sunnyland at supper

Chalk                 Above: One of the activities was chalk!

Group walk

Above: Group from Baltsata on their evening walk.

Below: More games!


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