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Moldova Team is checked in and ready to fly....

Team Moldova is about ready to go! A month ago we didn't know this was even an option, but this group has responded so well. We have crammed in 4 meetings, covered lots of logistics and a ton of fundraising. Ready or not, here we go!

The team has all been checked in for flights and boarding passes loaded, bags are packed and alarms are set.  We plan to meet at church at 7am, cover a few things then get prayed over before heading out. Our first flight is set for noon: Calgary to Montreal, then an overnight to Rome. We then have 10 hours in Rome and I have to be honest, the excitement is growing for our day in Rome. There are worse ways to spend a Monday! After a quick trip into Rome we will fly to Vienna where we will get to spend the night in our hotel beds in the airport. Then finally we will head to Chisnau. 

There have been so many barriers that have been overcome and so many unknowns that we have been working through.  The eve before we travel, the excitement is growing. This is REALLY happening! 

What a great group we have and what a wonderful response by all those that are supporting us. Thank you!

It is our hope to update every day or every other day so watch this space!



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