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Why Sponsorship?

Wednesday March 4th, 2020


Today we split into two different vans to spend a day doing home visits with the Child Sponsorship staff from International Needs. This was a time to learn about the program, and for Kyle and myself (Adam), it was a special time to visit our sponsor children!

When Tracy and I were here in 2016, we were introduced to a shy, young girl named Marion. She was a little girl, just like our daughter Makena (pre-school age at the time). After meeting her mother, seeing her home, and hearing her story, we knew that sponsoring her was ‘meant to be’. This was an emotional time as you hear and see the challenges they are experiencing. It is one of those times where you feel you can make a difference by helping your sponsor child attend school (the minimal monthly cost covers school fees, school supplies, two meals per day at school, as well as medicine and clinic check-ups). After sponsoring her for the past four years, we have communicated by letters, as well as visited her every time we are in Uganda. It is definitively the highlight of the trip!

It was precious to see Marion’s big smile as we hugged! We then sat together with her Mom and siblings and I heard how Marion was doing. She loves attending school and her favourite subject is English. I was shown her report cards, and we talked about how important school was. I also used this time to encourage and pray for her. It’s such a privilege to be invited into their life, and visiting them today was one of those special moments you don’t want to end.

Kyle was also able to visit his sponsor child Nicholas (age 7, front right in picture). When Kyle was here in 2017 with his wife Barb, they were introduced to this young boy. They heard his story and after praying that night they decided to sponsor him. On this trip, Kyle was encouraged to see that Nicholas and his family seemed to be doing much better than last time. Although the sponsorship money may seem like a small contribution, it is making an impact in his life. It’s a reminder that we are blessed, to be a blessing.


The team told me I must continue posting “Adam-isms”. Today I tried to communicate the need for a bathroom and realized that saying “Number 1 is not universal”. Some places call it “short call!”


Adam Minke


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