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The Students

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Greetings from amazing Uganda. Today was the day that I knew the reason for coming to Africa. My heart is overwhelmed with God’s goodness. We were privileged to spend time in the afternoon with the Secondary students in their classroom. They asked us about Canada, winter, our ages & if we liked being in Uganda. Michele & I were designated to take the girls group & after introductions we invited them to write down their concerns, questions or challenges they face daily. We were definitely not prepared for some of the concerns they expressed. We found that they are not unlike teenagers in Canada. They were so open & candid, showing vulnerability, wanting answers to their situations & looking to us for a glimmer of hope. We tried to answer all their questions but there just wasn’t enough time. After our short time together we needed to join the others in the group. We were shown much love & deluged with hugs & fist bumps. It was a very special time for Michele & I sharing with the girls. We then left the classroom & went outside to the playing field where we had the girls following us still asking questions, loving on us, singing to us. They sure love Canadians. We spent the next hour together & we were sad when it was time to leave them. Michele just shone with God’s love towards these girls. What a delightful scene for this Momma watching her interaction with them.

Then I had the opportunity to participate in giving out hygiene products to the girls & boys which had been donated by the Sylvan Lake Memorial Church Ladies Guild. They so appreciated receiving these gifts.

As a team we are seeing & experiencing God’s blessing on this trip. While there has been challenges, God is faithful & true & it is an honor to be part of this amazing team ministering here in Buikwe.

Thank you Crossroads church for partnering with International Needs & investing in the lives of these students. It’s already showing in the exam standings for this area.

Thanks also to my financial & prayer sponsors for helping to make this trip possible. Please continue to pray for our team as we endeavor to be a shining beacon of love & hope to these beautiful people.

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