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Lent: Feb 14 - Mar 30

Preparing for the Cross

Lent is the span of time in the church calendar that starts with Ash Wednesday (Feb 14), includes Passover Thursday (Mar 28) and ends the day before Easter Sunday. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Jesus’ 40-day fasting and temptation in the desert, Passover Thursday marks the Seder Dinner, and ultimately Easter Sunday commemorates Jesus’ resurrection from the grave after his crucifixion. Lent, then, is generally observed as a time for Christians to reflect, repent, and pray as a way of preparing our hearts for Easter.

Because Lent is not officially instituted in Scripture, observing it isn’t in any way a “requirement” of Christianity. However, Christians from many different theological persuasions choose to observe it as a way of focusing their thoughts on Jesus Christ during the Easter season.

Found below are a few reading plans, studies, and a song list as resources to guide you through a season of waiting and remembering and celebrating the work of Christ - His ministry, His death, and His resurrection.


40 plus day reading plans:

Shorter reading plans:

The Easter Story: