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Where does the money come from for the expansion?

Our goal together must be to raise as many funds as possible between now and spring and borrow as little money as possible.

Raising funds for a project like this does not happen through a clever sales pitch or the skillful manipulation of emotions. This process is, more than anything else, about spiritual growth through personal sacrifice. The truth is that we already have all the money we need to expand this building. In fact, we have more than enough. We all have it, – you and I – and are spending it on things or have invested it in places other than in God’s Kingdom. The real question isn’t, “can we raise the money.” The real question is, “Will I adjust my priorities so that I can give all that I possibly can to this project?” No advertising program in the world, no matter how clever, could make each of us radically alter our lifestyles in response to that question. But God can … if we give Him room.


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