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The Road to Sa’anga

As you may know my wife Barb and I went to Uganda three years ago. We had the trip of our lives. The Ugandan people are wonderful and the experiences we had were fulfilling. There was one encounter however that was difficult. For one of our orientation meetings about some of the programs, a staff member had all of us crammed into a small office to explain to us about the importance of that particular program. It got very hot and stuffy in the little office space. It was suffocating. When we got out, I was very frustrated and upset. I got back to our building, I was pacing up and down the veranda thinking, I felt like I was stuck in that room and couldn’t get out. I didn’t know how to process what happened or get through it.


Zoom forward to a men’s event at our church, Momentum, this winter. I was overcome by the Holy Spirit and told that I needed to practice forgiveness in a couple of past situations, including the situation with the staff member in Uganda, who I had not thought of since we left Uganda in 2017. So I did this on both counts.


Zoom ahead again to Uganda 2020. We went as a team to visit some projects including a water drilling program where the community comes together to form an association to operate and maintain the water wells in their community. Guess who was out front and centre for the tour? Yes, you guessed it. The staff member I had issues with on my previous trip and from my prayer at Momentum. To my pleasant surprise, I was calm and at ease. Even felt some love for this person and took great interest in the discussion. Afterwards, I was excited and looking forward to telling this story to the rest of our Uganda team because God had given me strength to forgive and this is a great work.

Now it is on the team blog to share with others.

Blessing to all from beautiful Buikwe,




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