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Tip the Scale on Connection

We live in a world that allows us to access anything we want - whenever we want it. By the push of a screen or with the swipe of a finger, the possibilities are endless.

We aren’t the only ones that have this accessibility.

So do our children.

Whether they are in the same room or car with us, at school or their jobs, in their bedrooms or on the playgrounds, they have just as much access to the online world as we do now. Give them a phone or they hang out with someone who does, and the world is sadly…at their fingertips.

Typically the average person spends 4 hours on their devices a day. This may not include their work time. This is just browsing the web, social media, gaming, or you tube.

4 hours is 1/6th of your day. Take away 8 hours of sleep time and it actually means that on average, a person spends ¼ of their day looking at a screen. We are coming far too close to seeing this as normal.

Take away the fact that a lot of the things we see, hear, read in those 4 hours isn’t necessary- and can ultimately be negative to us, the 2,400 minutes a day spent staring at a screen is 2,400 minutes we won’t get back. 

As a family we tend to find it easier to ignore this…or just embrace it as the norm. It’s not.

Phones can be a distraction, a time-filler, a baby-sitter, taking the place of communication and connection.

Should we be finding a balance in all this.. or rather...should we be tipping the scales in favour of true and intentional relationship?

As each family is unique, we need to evaluate what this looks like for each of us. The parameters can be different, and how we manage screen time vs. our reality time may be set differently from family to family. Find out what this looks like for you and the people you live with.

Once those boundaries are established, it’s sometimes helpful to keep them set and in check. The following is a tool which may be able to help in doing just that. This online series of questions generates meaningful conversations around the pros and cons of screen time. It also sets parameters around screen time for what you feel is best for you and your family.

Taking steps to protect invaluable time with those you live with is beyond the importance of a window screen. It’s time you won’t get back. It’s moments that pass and opportunities that may not happen again.

Focus on the ones you live with.

Tip the scale.

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