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Simple Solutions


It's not always easy. 

Living with others day to day can be a challenge.

Let's be honest, not all of us leave socks beside the hamper.

Some of us DON’T take the garbage out when it's spilling over the sides.

There are times when we just DON'T want to hear the TV in the background, and that alarm clock at 5:45am?...may not be just when WE want to get up!

And this doesn’t even touch on the people we work with on a daily basis…

Unless we choose to live in a cabin on the highest mountain top, on a remote island and live swaying in a hammock, or keep to ourselves in a plastic bubble...we will always have to deal with the small (and sometime large) issues surrounding the people we live (or work) with.

So just how do we deal with these annoying habits or situations? When we feel like blowing up over another dirty dish, a lost toothpaste tube cap, or another load of forgotten clothes left wet in the dryer?


It’s simple.

We pray.


Yes. It sounds trite. It sounds cliché. It sounds mundane.

But it works.


Praying for another person releases us of responsibility or obligation in trying to control situations. Because in lifting that other person to God, we in turn are giving God the issue- and the person.

This isn’t saying that the socks will get picked up or the lid will remain on the toothpaste tube. (In fact, sometimes the things we pray for even become MORE of a test of our patience…)


it IS saying that those things become insignificant in the light of what God really has planned for us and the people we live with. It goes deeper than all the trivial annoyances that can occur day to day.

Prayer does change things, even the little things.

You have nothing to lose in bringing even the seemingly insignificant things to our Father.


Try it this week.

Take one of those people you live with and pray for them consistently throughout the week.

See what God does.

He may change the annoyance- or He may even change you!






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