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What are we doing about traffic?

First, let’s thank the Lord that we have traffic jams. This means that many are coming! And further, let’s also remember our traffic challenges impact our neighbors and those using 32nd Street. Our part is to yield whenever we have opportunity to bless another driver that’s not from CrossRoads.

 The traffic is a problem now and we are looking into it seriously in our needs assessment process. Our current entrance is positioned right in the middle of an S curve on Range Road 275. The separation distance between each bend in the curve does not allow for additional entrances or exits.

 We are actively looking at the traffic flows on site and how we can improve the flow before and after our services.

 The bottleneck on 32nd Street at the lights remains our current challenge and we are looking at the possibility of better coordination of the lights.

 We will post more here as we learn more through our work in the next couple of months.

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