Read Phase 4 Expansion

What are the high-level needs that we anticipate Phase 4 addressing?

Sanctuary Seating

  • We will be pushing out the west wall of the sanctuary to accommodate more seating
  • The current plan is to take us from 1200 seats to approximately 1800-1900 seats, which translates into 3 more seating sections like what we currently have in the sanctuary
  • We will be looking at options for seating, which includes more pews, chairs, and theatre seats.

Technical Needs

  • We will be creating a new enhanced video room and considering up to three sound proof translation booths, which allow us to translate up to three different languages during a service.
  • Because the stage and sanctuary expand, then we will also adjust the video projection, screens and lighting solutions. Our latest additions to our cameras and sound system was purchased with this new addition in mind, so we are adding to the existing equipment and not replacing those pieces.

Meeting Space

  • We will create additional multi-purpose space to augment our existing ministry growth needs. The existing meeting spaces are often near capacity during a normal so additional space will be welcomed


  • We will at least double the number of washrooms in the new phase along the west side of the sanctuary from what exists on the east side of the sanctuary.

Foyer and Café Area

  • We see the need for a second café on the south side to meet the growing numbers. Often our existing café is full. The new café would be used to augment not to replace the existing café.
  • At times in the year we need a larger foyer and so expanding it, plus making more room for a larger sanctuary will be necessary.
  • We hope to design a café area that is comfortable and inviting for all that attend, and that it’s a great place for connecting before and after the services.

 Office Space

  • Our current office capacity is full, and so we will make more space for additional offices and also take into consideration future growth.

  Creation Care

  • We want to give serious consideration to our environmental footprint (how green are we?) and determine the best way forward for now and the future. So this too will be factored into the needs assessment.

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