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Who is our Building Committee and who are we using for consultants?

Our Building Committee Members:

Lawrence Tomalty – has served as Board Member, Elder and long-time member of CrossRoads. He has been a businessman for many years and served as this committee’s chairman for the last three phases and will also chair phase 4.

 Jake Poettcker – has a long history with CrossRoads and has been part of many large commercial projects in our community. He brings a lot of experience and expertise to the table.

 Gord Kingcott – has provided counsel and guidance to this committee in the area of technology requirements. He is a member of CrossRoads and a local financial advisor with Sun Life.

 Jim Cramer – is a huge asset to this committee with his experience and advice. He has spent time a lot of his career in the commercial world with Eagle Builders. 

 Rick Wiebe – has been part of this committee for all three of the past phases and will also be part of Phase 4. Rick is the local business owner of Carpet Colour and brings great thinking and guidance to the table.

 Bob Northey - is the newest addition to this committee is also a local business owner who provides strategic best thinking to us regarding Phase 4.

These are long standing members of CrossRoads and they know who we are.  All are committed and excited to be part of the discussions and potential of Phase 4.

Our Consultants:

Timcon Construction Ltd. – Paul Beaumont is providing consultation to us on our needs assessment. He brings experience and practical best build practices to the table as we stay true to who we are while not being extravagant but wise in our decisions

 Architect – Axiom Architecture Inc. - Murray Catte will be assisting us with architecture and attends CrossRoads

 Architect Consultant - John Hull has been part of all past phases and will also assist us with Phase 4

 Architect Consultant - Wendi Ronspies has been part of all our past phases and will assist with Phase 4


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