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What does the Needs Assessment, Process and Timeline look like?

What does the Needs Assessment Process and Timeline look like?

Our User Groups, Building Committee and consultants started meeting bi-weekly in May to discuss the needs of the church and the various ministries. The User Groups bring the ministry needs to the discussion for consideration. These meetings will continue through to August.

 The primary User Groups are members of staff and represent the following areas:

  1. Sanctuary and Stage
  2. Facility
  3. Meeting spaces
  4. Office space
  5. Foyer and Café

The staff that present to the committee the needs will be soliciting from their teams, both paid staff and lay team so that we have as much info as possible when we are assessing our needs.

 We are hoping that many contribute, and you can as well by using the form on the FAQ page for suggestions you have for these User Groups. This will be a long process and there is plenty of time to ask questions and give suggestions. We hope everyone will keep in mind that we won’t be extravagant, but our objective is to design the next phase to best serve us today and into the distant future.

We plan on presenting a concept drawing at the June 27th Summer Meeting. Our plan is to host a Town Hall Meeting in September with more details and provide still more opportunity for interaction. In October 2018 we anticipate calling a special meeting with the congregation to discuss and approve the actual construction of Phase 4.

 Upon approval from the congregation we then go into much greater detail in the drawings, which takes another three months to complete before we can go to tender on the construction.

 Again, we encourage you to contact us, so the committee and user groups can review the suggestions you may have. We invite you to participate by filling out the form on the Phase 4 FAQ page.

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