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Missions - Prayer Guide

The Lord watches over the foreigner and sustains the fatherless and the widow.

Psalm 146:9

Monday: Pray for those displaced within Syria

  • About 10.6 million people—more than half of Syria’s pre-war population—have been forced to flee their homes
  • Access to food, medication, and other basic provisions are limited, and threats of violence are  ongoing
  • Pray for God’s provision to meet these basic needs, so that no one further would be forced to flee

Tuesday: Pray for God’s provision for refugees in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and elsewhere in the region

  • The vast majority of refugees who have fled Syria—more than 3.9 million—are living within these neighboring countries, many of which are also home to refugees from other regional conflicts
  • With cuts to intergovernmental food aid, conditions are very dire, and many are considering dangerous journeys beyond the region
  • Pray especially for vulnerable children, who make up nearly half of the refugees in some countries, and women, who are at risk of gender-based violence

Wednesday:  Pray for those seeking refuge in Europe

  • Hundreds of thousands of Syrians—in addition to those fleeing conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea, and other countries—are arriving and requesting asylum in Europe  monthly
  • Pray that God would spare the lives of those attempting treacherous journeys over water or land to reach safety
  • Pray that those arriving would experience welcome, not scorn or responses driven by fear, from the people of the various European countries where they arrive

Thursday: Pray for refugees being resettled within Canada

  • Canada has said it will welcome 25,000 refugees by next March
  • All of the 25,000 Syrians coming to Canada have already been designated by UNHCR. With few exceptions, Canada is only accepting women, children and the most vulnerable (complete families, threatened women and LGBT people)
  • Pray for coordinated efforts between local churches, non-profit organizations, and governmental entities such that refugees from Syria and beyond would be welcomed and integrated into the fabric of Canada

Friday: Pray for local churches in each of these regions, that our collective response would be reflective of Jesus

  • The local church stands at the frontline of assistance to refugees in each of these regions—in the Middle East, in Europe, and beyond—in partnership with World Relief and other  partners
  • Pray that—in every location—the response of followers of Jesus to these refugees would be characterized by hospitality, compassion, and love, consistent with the commands of Scripture, recognizing the arrival of these migrants as an opportunity to extend Christ’s love, not a threat to be feared
  • Pray that their interactions with Christians outside of their own country would be both an encouragement to the many fleeing who are already followers of Jesus—and thus often uniquely targeted for persecution— and a winsome witness to those who do not yet know Jesus

Saturday: Pray for governmental leaders in each of these regions, that God would grant them wisdom to respond with justice and compassion

  • Governments in each of these host countries are making crucial decisions that will impact whether refugees find safety and welcome in their respective countries or are excluded
  • Governments and intergovernmental agencies also provide much of the crucial relief supplies for those displaced throughout the Middle East, but funding recently has been far from sufficient to meet the need, forcing more individuals to flee beyond the region
  • Pray particularly for Prime Minister Trudeau and members of Parliament as they make decisions that will impact how many refugees may be admitted into Canada

Sunday: Pray for a peaceful end to the conflicts at the root of this refugee crisis

  • The only sustainable solution to this crisis is a peaceful Syria
  • Pray for peacemakers who will wage peace in this troubled country
  • Pray for wisdom for governmental leaders who face decisions about how to respond to these conflicts

Dear Children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and truth.

1 John 3:18