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A Mother's Day Special

Scripturally, we are given beautiful examples of women, mothers, full of strength and love and devotion to God. Look at Sarah, whose faith made her a mother. Or Naomi whose guidance redeemed their family. Or Hannah, whose sacrifice allowed Samuel to fulfill his purpose. Or Mary, who God chose to be Jesus' Mother. We are grateful for the women who have gone before us.

So, let's celebrate our Moms! And we want to celebrate yours with you! Share your Mother's Day celebration, kind words, and pictures of the women who raised you by posting on social media, tagging the church, and the hashtag #nominateamom.

My momma is a woman of faith, creativity, and wisdom. She’d always remind me growing up, "If you can’t change it... change the way you think about it.”

Blessed to be raised by this godly woman. She is a ball of feisty energy and fierce love for her family. Since my dad passed in 2015 she often thinks about heaven, what it is really like and is "jealous" that Dad is already in the presence of Jesus :heart: Mom turns 90 this year and is determined to not let this "pandemic" get in the way of her party.

 My mom has been full of wisdom, love, prayer, and adventure throughout my life. This year we went zip-ling in Honduras, at 75 she is still up for anything!  I appreciate my godly heritage more every day. Thanks mom!

My Mom grew up in the depression amid WWll, was widowed at 33 years old with 3 little girls, was a single Mom, married again, & lost her second love to cancer. But through it all, she reached for joy & played whenever she could. She adored her grandchildren & was loved by many. Even through her own illness with breast cancer which ultimately took her life (2 years ago this Friday), she did not complain through the pain of the disease that held her, nor the pain from the heartbreak of the past & often remarked how the people in her life were her greatest blessing.This photo was taken only weeks after my father's death (he was 33). Look at her smile! I'm the little one in the middle.

My mom was only 19 when she had me! I think of  "unconditional love" when I think of my mom.  She was also the mom that everyone else wanted! Very blessed to have her still, we will FaceTime and enjoy chatting on Mother's Day because she lives in Kansas:heart:


My mom passed away November 7, 2013. Her 3.5 month journey with cancer was one I will never forget! She found Jesus in a fresh new way during her journey and her last word was Jesus! Though mom and I had struggles in our relationship the healing and closeness we were gifted with was a huge blessing to both of us. Love does cover a multitude of sins. I am so grateful for such a rich journey and ending to her life! To God be the glory!


As a hard working single mom she never had a lot but always gave freely of her time. She was always there to support me at school, she was at every sporting event (and there were many) and even though I am sure she was tired she made sure to feed my adventurous spirit with many outings. She loved so well and is missed!

My Momma! A woman of strength and dignity (Proverbs 31:25) She raised five babies and has been through many triumphs and trials in life. She is a woman who loves and cares deeply for everyone. She has a huge servant heart. I love and respect you Mom and so appreciate how you have been there for me over the years. Always ready to help, encourage and support me. I love you Momma!

This special lady is definitely one-of-a-kind! She is immediately friends with anyone; always ready to share a laugh, and thinks of everyone else before herself. She shines with the joy of the Lord. I'm so blessed to be able to call her "Mom". Love you, Mom!

My mom is always up for an adventure. She will go pretty much anywhere. She’s a great friend to a lot of people. A real social butterfly :butterfly: She loves people, her family and the Lord. She never thinks of herself and is so generous. Happy Mamma’s Day Mom!

Some of you may know my mom :wink: She is patient and caring, a hard-working farm woman (though originally a city girl), has always been a bit of a goof and an excellent storyteller! I admire her ever-growing and maturing faith in Jesus and have had the privilege of walking this faith journey with her every step, including our joint baptism in 1995 (wish I could find that picture quickly, but alas! This one from a recent play we attended will have to do). Love ya, Ma! :two_hearts:

*We recognize this time isn't always easy. We feel for those without moms, those moms struggling with health, and those wanting to be a mom. God is a good, good Father. We pray for comfort and peace as you walk this journey in confidence knowing God is for you. God Bless.

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