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Be Missional

As I wash my hands, I reflect on a period of my life that I was a missionary. Those days were full of simplicity and I tend to crave that in life time-to-time. There were extensive moments to pray about everything, including basic needs, that allowed me to rest in the knowledge that God deeply cared (1 Peter 5:7). For example, I didn’t have enough money to replace my running shoes and a week later there was $100.00 on my doorstep with the instructions ‘buy something for you.’ I cried crocodile sized tears that day. Another time, I often would pray that God would help me change the tides in my role. I stepped out of my front door and there was a beautiful canvas with the words painted ‘Be A Tide Changer.’ It caused me to weep. The cabin that I resided in didn’t have insulation and I heated my home by a woodstove. It was those hours that I’d sit by the fire, just watching it crackle, and spend time praying while warming my chilly body. One day, there was a large package in the mail and it surprised me to receive it. The box contained an electric blanket and the note expressed ‘stay warm friend.’ Again, I couldn’t help but get tearful as gratitude welled up. 

COVID-19 has displayed to me that we have an opportunity as the body of Christ. There are many people that are searching for hope. These neighbors, friends, and family members are seeking relational touchpoints even with social distancing in place.  Wouldn’t it be neat to hear how God uses our efforts to speak the truth in the darkness? I believe it starts with relationships. I’d encourage you to spend time praying for your neighbors or our local and global missionaries at CrossRoads. Wouldn’t it be encouraging to hear the tangible stories of impact? I sense God inviting us to go into our neighborhoods and communities and reach His children with genuine hospitality (Mark 16:15). It starts with a text and maybe a phone call too? As a follower of Christ, the opportunities are truly limitless. #bemissional