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Incline Industries

On any given day dozens of students make their way to a small unassuming building on 50th street in Sylvan Lake. Many of these young people are coming from the local high school which is just down the street. There are as many different stories as there are colours of backpacks making the daily pilgrimage. Some of them are walking but many of them are riding skateboards and scooters. Through the doors of this plain building is something of a surprise. A large glass partition creates a divide between spectator and participant. One side is a place of safety where no helmets are required. On the other, a mission field where dedicated youth workers share the Gospel with these young people. This is Incline Industries, an indoor skate park operated by Central Alberta Youth Unlimited.   

“God has been faithful in continuing to bring the right people and the right partnerships to Incline at the right time. As a result of this, we have been able to reach farther than we would have been able to alone. We are seeing our influence among the youth of Sylvan Lake continue to grow, as well as the impact that is being made."

As a result of this partnership with CrossRoads Church and the donation we received, Incline will be able to move ahead with the revitalization of our youth centre. With the facility upgrades and enhancements that we will be completing we will be able to remain relevant as well as appeal to a wider range of youth.  More young people will come through the doors of Incline and be in a position to be loved and poured into; building relationships with positive, Godly influencers. Within the last year, we have had the privilege to play a role in dozens of youth committing their lives to Jesus, and many of them being baptized. As we continue to expand our reach we believe that we will continue to see more and more transformations like this in these young people’s lives.

Thank you for partnering with us and for helping make this possible!”

Incline industries received a grant through the Central Alberta Outreach Committee (CAOC) to help them complete renovations to their space. The CAOC is funded through a commitment to allocate 10% of Building Fund offerings to like-minded organizations in Central Alberta.

For more information on the CAOC and their mandate please go to

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