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Want to Change the World?

Want to change the world?

On May 6th, Muslims all over the world will mark the beginning of Ramadan.  Through giving offerings, prayer, fasting, and reciting the Koran, Muslim peoples will seek to gain greater religious satisfaction and spiritual approval.  As followers of Jesus, we want to spend the month of Ramadan interceding on behalf of our Muslim friends and neighbors.  We ask that their eyes and hearts would be open to the truth of Jesus Christ – that the work of salvation was completed through the cross and the resurrection – and that their spiritual openness during Ramadan would result in their openness to the love of Jesus Christ.
We encourage you to spend the month of Ramadan praying for Muslims all over the globe but also to engage Muslims in your community during this time.

 We have prayer guides available at our Missions Kiosk (until they run out) as a way of helping you intercede for Muslim peoples in a systematic and informed method. We want to make this as easy for you as possible. Thank you for being part of God’s army!