Give Ways to Give

Ways to Give

Thank you so much for being willing to give toward what God is doing here at CrossRoads Church! We are committed to using your tithes and offerings in a way that honours the Lord. 

Giving Options:

E-Transfer  Bill Payment System 

Pre-Authorized Withdrawals  

In Person  Online

Give Through Your Bank:


For an e-transfer, use as the recipient. In the notes section of the e-transfer, specify where you would like the giving designated to: General, Missions or Building. If no designation is made, it will be allocated to the General Fund. To receive a year-end donation receipt, please also include your address in the notes section of the e-transfer.

Bill Payment System

To setup a bill payment through online banking, contact for your payee account number or CLICK HERE to submit your request online (this option available to Canadian residents only. Available banks: Servus Credit Union, Scotiabank, ATB, CIBC, BMO, RBC and TD).

If your bank only has one vendor for CrossRoads Church and you want to give to Missions, the Building Fund, or to the Global Compassion Campaign please just add the following to your "account number" (i.e. tithing number):

  • the letter M to the end of your number if you would like to give to Missions (ex. ###M).
  • the letter B to the end of your number if you want to give to the Building Fund (ex. ###B).
  • the letters GCC to the end of your number if you want to give to the Global Compassion Campaign (ex. ###GCC).
  • If no letter is added, then all donations will go to the General Fund.

Pre-authorized Withdrawals 

To setup pre-authorized withdrawals, pick up a pre-authorized debit agreement form at The Hub or download one here. If you need help completing this form, visit the helpful tips document. Fill it out and return it with a voided cheque - just drop it in one of the offering bags or return it to The Hub in an envelope marked "Confidential: Accounts Manager".

In Person Donations

You can donate using cash, cheque, debit or credit card at the The Hub on Sundays at any of the services. You can also donate on weekdays from 8:30am-4:30pm.

Give Online Through Our Website

Donate online using a debit or credit card by clicking here.

Planned Giving

Planned giving is simply deciding where your assets should be distributed. The most common type of planned giving is by way of bequest in your will.  A will is a very flexible planning tool, allowing you to gift specific property, a specific sum of money or a percentage of your estate. You can state whether the gift is to be used immediately or disbursed over time. The gift can be absolute or contingent upon another event. In making your Will you decide what to do with the assets you have accumulated over your lifetime. We thank you for any gifts you make to the efforts of CrossRoads Church.

More information on planned giving options:

Outright Gifts

Gifts in A Will

Gifts of Life Insurance

Charitable Gift Annuity

Charitable Remainder Trusts & Residual Interest Gifts

Taxation of Charitable Gifts

Gifts of RRSPs/RRIFs