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  • Join us Good Friday & Easter Sunday

    Let's celebrate Easter together in a new way this year! The significance of what Christ did for us on the cross is as relevant today as ever, and many are seeking the hope that is found in the Easter story. 

    We encourage you to share this hope with friends and family, neighbours, social media friends, and whoever else may need to know they are loved and held these days (hint: that's probably all of us). Ask them to join us for Easter. We'd love to celebrate together!

    Good Friday Services: April 10 - 9am & 11am
    Easter Sunday Services: April 12 - 9am, 11am & 6pm or on Facebook

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  • NEW Sermon Series! - WATCH ONLINE

    Just a reminder that all of our on-site Sunday services are now online. 

    You'll want to login for Pastor Dan's series, "Unshakeable - Why Jesus Matters", continuing this Sunday, April 5th, and running until Easter Sunday.

    The next message in this series is titled "The Good Shepherd" and is based on John 10:1-18. Watch it LIVE this Sunday at 9am, 11am, & 6pm at or on the CrossRoads Facebook page.

    Help us spread the Good News!
    We’ve created an invite that you can share with your friends and neighbours to invite them to join us online for the new sermon series. Download your own printable invite at

    Stay up-to-date regarding Sunday services, ministries, groups and events on our COVID Updates page. 

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  • Important Message from CrossRoads Church Leadership

    Dear Church Family, 

    The COVID-19 crisis has created an unprecedented and significant state of uncertainty economically and socially – all of which has been unforeseeable and far beyond our control. Due to these unfortunate circumstances, the financial impact on CrossRoads Church and its ministry efforts has been significant.

    Through much prayer and deliberation our church leadership has had to make some difficult decisions in regards to the church budget, outgoing costs and the current level of work that can be done during this time. It’s been a hard week for many and we’ve had to lay off a number of our valued staff members here at CrossRoads Church. We are deeply saddened that we have had to take these measures but feel it was necessary in order to be fiscally responsible with the funds that God has entrusted to us, ensuring that His work would continue now and into the future.

    Please join us in praying for all staff members, those laid off and their well being, and those that remain to carry on with the essential task of carrying on our church’s mission. We pray and trust that God will remain faithful in all of this and hope that on the other end of this journey that we will be able to rehire as necessary. Thank you for your ongoing support. 


    Pastor Jordan Polson, 
    on behalf of the Lead Team and the CrossRoads Church Board

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  • ALPHA - Starts Online April 14

    Alpha is a place to explore the Christian faith with others. It is designed for people without a church background or who wouldn’t call themselves a Christian. It’s an opportunity to invite friends to hear the Gospel (potentially for the first time) and explore a relationship with Jesus.

    Join us in the conversation via Zoom on Tuesdays at 7pm starting April 14th

    To register, please email us with your name and email address.

    Full details at


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  • Groups Are Now Going ONLINE

    Connect into [online] Community: No better time than now to engage in community - online!

    From the comfort of your own home, connect with others via various online platforms. Bible Study, crocheting, homeschooling, Mom's support groups, Singles hang-outs, prayer groups, serve groups and so much more! Start a group or join a group. 

    For more information about groups available, head to

    Ever thought about leading a group? We are not asking you to be a biblical scholar or an extreme extrovert. All we ask is you have a desire to bring people together. If that's you, please email

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  • Local Food Initiative, We Care

    During this time of uncertainty for many, we have the opportunity to act out our faith through generosity and continued commitment to our local partners.

    We will continue to focus on vulnerable youth and single parent homes in Central Alberta, and while we can no longer funnel this support through our closed schools, the door is still open to provide much needed care to these families. 

    In partnership with The Mustard Seed, Red Deer Public Schools, and Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools we are challenging you to use your heart and hands. Our involvement in each aspect will follow strict Alberta Health protocol in relation to COVID-19. We encourage you to consider what part you can play in caring for your neighbour, community, and city. 

    How can you get involved? 

    1. DONATE
      You can donate food and hygiene items for care packages that will be delivered to homes within our city.
    2. SORT & PACK 
      You can be a sorter and packer of food packages assembled at CrossRoads Church.
      You can be sent to The Mustard Seed to make & pack lunches.
    3. DELIVER
      You can be a deliverer, dropping off food packages prepared by our packers from CrossRoads and/or lunches prepared by The Mustard Seed to children, youth, and families in Central Alberta.

    If you are interested in being involved, please contact us by emailing

    For more information, and to see a full list of donation items needed, please visit

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  • Help a Neighbour!

    We’ve created a simple “Hello Neighbour” card that you can print off in your home and take around your neighbourhood. Now is a great opportunity for you to reach out and see how your neighbours are doing and offer to help them in different ways while respecting the governments mandate of social distancing.

    There's even some toilet paper available for those that may want to hand it out to neighbours! Read all about this idea on our COVID Resources page. 

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  • Pastors' Weekly Updates - Now 3 Days/Week!

    Join the CrossRoads Pastors &/or staff & guests as they broadcast important updates weekly on things pertinent in their ministry areas and our church family.

    LIVE Updates Broadcast Schedule:
    Tuesdays 3pm: Missions / Outreach
    Wednesdays 3pm: Pastor Dan Cochrane
    Thursdays 3pm: CrossRoads Community Life

    This past Tuesday, Tracy Minke gave us an update on Missions, specifically highlighting the "We Care" local initiative in partnership with The Mustard Seed. 

    On Wednesday, Pastor Dan gave another uplifting word about "How to Respond in this Season". Well worth a look, if you haven't seen it yet or would like to share his message with others.

    Thursday's message from Pastor Jason Frizzell touched on RightNow Media, and staying connected through groups at CrossRoads. Again, well worth the few minutes!

    The Pastors' Weekly Updates are streamed on Facebook, or available to view anytime on the Pastors' Weekly Updates page.

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  • Equipped

    God designed the Sabbath and God designed play. You might wonder, “How do these topics collide?”

    Join Charlene Giesbrecht on Monday, April 6 at 7pm on Facebook for a conversation around the table about how God intended us to rest while enjoying His glorious creation. You’ll hear parts of Charlene’s journey while reflecting on your own, as you dig deeper into the Scriptures that capture these two meaningful topics.

    Contact if you'd like to tune in!

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  • Journey to the Cross

    As part of this Easter Season, we've provided a unique set of readings to help you connect in a personal way with Christ as you explore His experiences on the Journey to the Cross

    Use this as a tool to pause and reflect on those last days of Jesus leading up to and including His death and resurrection. We encourage you to take time to meditate on the scripture and enter into a conversation with God. 

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  • Communion - Good Friday, April 10

    A time of Communion will be shared during the online service on Good Friday, April 10. You're invited to join us in partaking of Communion, using whatever elements you may have at home (any juice & bread will do!). Hope you will join us in this special sacrament as we celebrate the Easter season together online.

  • CrossRoads Kids & Family Resources

    Don’t forget, we have Sunday School ready for your kiddos to do at home. Take a look on and find the link to your child’s age group.

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  • Online Option for Tithes & Offerings

    We understand that this unexpected situation has hit everyone in different ways. Our prayer for us all is that God will provide, and together, we will trust in His faithfulness. You need only to participate where God is asking of you and your family. If you feel led to give, find options on how to give here. Thank you for your faithful giving.


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  • NEW Podcast & Blogs!

    If you enjoy thought-provoking round-table discussions, check out the third installment of the "Get Ready Podcast" featuring Jason Frizzell and special guests Wes, Jesse, and Charlene, as they discuss "Loving Through Outreach". It's definitely worth a listen! Find it at (also available on iTunes & Spotify).

    Maybe you're more of a reader -- we have something new for you, too! Some of the staff at CrossRoads have contributed their creative insights in four new blog entries that are sure to touch your heart. Find the blog here:  

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  • Right Now Media

    Looking for more tools to grow and learn in your faith? Right Now Media is a free subscription to a library of Bible study videos and resources for groups, families, and individuals. 

    Visit and request to join.