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July 5, 2020

Preschool Experience


July 4/5  Preschool Experience  



Please scroll down to find the downloadable resources for this week's activities and crafts

If you or your Children enjoy Orange Kids Music, listen here:

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Downloadable Resources


July 5 Parent Guide
Week 1
Download (445KB)
July 5 Parent Cue
Week 1
Download (300KB)
Craft July 5, 2020
Week 1 Craft
Download (76KB)
Pop Up Sunday School Memory Verse
Colouring Sheet
Download (79KB)
Pop Up Sunday School Worship Songs
Lyrics for the 2020 summer Pop Up Sunday School worship songs
Download (159KB)
June 28 Parent Guide
Week Four
Download (788KB)
June 28 Parent Cue
Week Four Parent Cue
Download (553KB)
Scope & Cycle
Take a look at our next 3 months
Download (230KB)