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Chair's Letter

Hello Friends of CrossRoads,

2020 has certainly been the year that many of us wish to forget. There is seemingly no end to the bad news being reported across our province. And yet…God is at work. In seasons like this, we need to look beyond the headlines to gain a Godly view.

While the vast majority of us in central Alberta continue to have roofs over our heads, and the ability to put food on our tables, the vulnerable population amongst us are under increasing pressure. More and more children are coming to school hungry, hoping for breakfast and a lunch; young women are still grappling with unplanned pregnancies and domestic violence is on the rise. 

As Christ-followers who have been divinely stationed here in Central Alberta, there is no doubt that Jesus asks us to wade in during these unprecedented times, bringing hope and light where we may, and coming alongside our Local Initiative partners who hold the front line. 

Looking beyond our borders, how many stories have you heard this year about the pandemic challenges that the developing world is facing?  Very few, if your experience is like mine.  What impact is COVID having in places like Haiti, Rwanda and Uganda?  The economic fallout of COVID is even more severe for individuals living in these countries, struggling without the financial reserves or social safety nets that have sustained us here at home.  Our Global Compassion Committee (GCC) partners are working through their biggest challenges to date. 

Every one of us is facing an existential challenge in deciding how we are going to personally respond in this time.  Do we hoard as a hedge against uncertain futures?  Or do we trust that God will continue to meet our needs, as he has throughout this difficult year?  Will we remain faithful investing our time and resources for the benefit of those in need at home and abroad?  It’s a challenge that I continue to wrestle with daily, and the reflection from my mirror often makes me uncomfortable as I recognize how much more I could be doing.

I hope that these stories of Unexpected Blessings from our Global and Local partners will simultaneously encourage you, as you read about the unwavering faithfulness of our Father, and challenge you, as you wrestle with what your individual role and response will be.


Dan Wilson,
Global Compassion Committee Chairman


Allocation of Campaign Funds

92% of funds raised go direct to partners and projects: Haiti, Uganda, Rwanda, Hope Mission, Pregancy Care, Outreach Centre, relief/disaster management, single moms, Legacy Place, Love in the Laces; Breakfast programs, and other local opportunities.

5.5% goes to Admin/Other: local training, resources, advertising, supplies, Global for Monitoring and Evaluation, etc.

2.5% goes to subsidies for teams (global short-term outreaches)


Thank you for supporting our Local & Global Compassion Initiatives!

"It's a wonderful blessing from the Lord and allows us to meet all our commitments in this fiscal year." - Executive Pastor Jordan Polson

Wow, God is good! And He has provided. Thank you to each of you who have supported our Christmas Compassion Campaign (Dec. 2020) in prayer and giving. This year, during these circumstances, we have been blessed to have received a total of $323,466 for the support of our Local and Global Compassion Partners. Amen! We hope you will celebrate this with us. (Originally posted Jan, 2021)