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Messy Church

(January - March 2013)
10 messages - Dan Cochrane/Shawn Hubert

This is a study of First Corinthians. It looks at the concept that freedom in Christ is for all of us and lays out how God’s freed people are to live together in community. This is not necessarily an easy task when we all come from different backgrounds, places in our journeys, and have our opinions and preferences. Corinth was not all that different of a community than we are now. We can learn from their mistakes and successes and strive to live in a community united in love, in spite of our differences. Church life can be messy and probably always will be if we are indeed sharing the gospel with our neighbours. How we respond to them and others around us will show what we’ve learned and how free we are, living in Christ.

Jesus Friend of Sinners

(April - May 2013)
6 messages - Dan Cochrane/Jordan Cavanaugh

A look at some of the characteristics of Jesus.

The Art of Neighbouring

(June - September 2013)
14 messages - Dan Cochrane/Shawn Hubert/Jordan Cavanaugh

This series is a study on the life of Jesus and how we can truly love those around us as Jesus did.


(September - December 2013)
11 messages - Dan Cochrane/Shawn Hubert/Jordan Cavanaugh

The stories of Joshua are among the most exciting in the Bible. Along with these gripping stories is the encouragement to have faith in God in the midst of impossible odds, the warning of the terrible consequences of sin upon family and community and the reality that God’s promises have never failed. Get ready to be reminded of God’s promises, to passionately pursue them and to experience the presence of God in our midst.

Justice, Compassion and Peace

(December 2013)
3 messages - Dan Cochrane

A look at the God of justice, what it is, and how we should play a part.

2012 Archives

The Insider Scoop on Dirt

(January 2012)
2 messages - Shawn Hubert

Confident Living in Chaotic Times

(January - March 2012)
10 messages - Dan Cochrane

This is a study on the book of Daniel. This book is divided into two parts: chapters 1-6 are stories and chapters 7-12 are visions. Taken together they answer the question: How are we as Christians to live in this world? Daniel certainly lived in a time of chaos. He was a prisoner of war, deported to a foreign land, persecuted for his faith and all during times of political upheaval. Daniel was a top government official, counseled Kings, and stood up for God at the risk of losing his life. Is it possible for us to be that firm and confident in God? Journey with us through this book of the Bible to get a better understanding of Daniel’s situation and circumstances and then relate it back to our lives today. Live a life of confidence in God no matter what is going on around you!


(April - May 2012)
6 messages - Dan Cochrane/Shawn Hubert

Follow, Join, Friend, Blog – Our world is saturated by online engagement. We see its influence in our language, our relationships, how we spend our money and our time. Learn about what it means to follow Christ, build life-giving relationships and how to express ourselves to God. 


(June - August 2012)
11 messages - Dan Cochrane/Glenn Fretz/Shawn Hubert/Rob Tannahill

Prayer is central to the life lived following Christ. It’s hard to reconcile a Christ-centered life with a life without prayer. Prayer 101 is just that, a simple take on what prayer is, what it’s not and how our lives would be different when lived out of prayer.


(September - November 2012)
10 messages - Dan Cochrane

Galatians is a book about grace and freedom. We all need the message in the book of Galatians – that the cross is the only way to be saved. This message of grace impacts not only our relationship with God, but also with each other. When we know deep down in our hearts that there is nothing we can do to earn God’s favour, and that He freely gives His love and kindness, we are free to extend grace to others. We also begin to understand that outward distinctions, such as gender, race, and class, are inappropriate categories for governing how we should relate to one another. Then we can live in the freedom of knowing we are all equally sinful and equally redeemed to love and serve Christ and each other. Paul’s practical message to us is that we are to use the freedom God gives us not to satisfy our own selfish desires, but to serve each other with love.


(December 2012)
4 messages - Dan Cochrane

Picking up everything, you’re entire life, and moving to a strange town full of strange people is incredibly difficult. No one likes to move. Sure, new can be exciting - a fresh start on life - but the hard work of rebuilding quickly overshadows it. In the book of Ruth we have the story of two women, one a widow, the other, a single daughter-in-law entrusted to care for this aging woman. Both are leaving the home they know to return to the small farming village of Bethlehem. One is returning home after losing everything, the other is lost in a foreign land. Two women on distinctly different journeys. Not unlike Christ’s journey, leaving everything in Heaven, to call Bethlehem home - the most incredible act of love the world has ever seen. All so that broken people, who have nothing, can find hope. Just like Naomi and Ruth, on two journeys to find hope.

2006 Archives


(May 2006)
4 messages - Dan Cochrane

Messages include topics: What makes the Bible unique?, How we got our Bible, Why so many translations?, and How to read the Bible.