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Greece 2019 - FULL

  • Mission Agency/Partner: Hellenic Ministries
  • Team Leader(s): Kelvin Singh, Alison Misener
  • Length of trip: 2 weeks
  • Time of Year: June 14-23, 2019 (approx)
  • Deadline for Applications: January 28, 2019
  • Number of team members: 10-15, including leaders
  • Estimated Cost: TBD (flight+on ground costs)

This trip offers the opportunity to work in a Family Refugee Camp in Porto Astro, Greece. 
Refugees that are made up of many family units are invited to the Porto Astro camp facilities for 5 days where they are shown the Love of Christ. They will go through a curriculum called "Genesis to Jesus" where they are confronted with the question “Who is Jesus?”. The whole camp for them is sponsored so they are able to leave the chaos of Athens and come to a place of peace, take time to be refreshed, as well as have the opportunity to ask questions about God, Jesus, and Faith.

As this camp is high energy, high intensity, it requires people of great stamina and heart to serve. The daily needs of facilitating this operation are cleaning bathrooms, salad prep/kitchen help, and meal cleanup, there will be opportunities to connect with campers sharing meals, assisting with sports activities, and swimming (Time permitting).

*Life Guards, Doctors, Nurses, Farsi Speakers would be welcome in addition to the service team (but still prepared to assist with service team when needed)*


Haiti 2019

  • Missions Agency/Partner: Haiti Arise Ministries
  • Team Leader(s): TBD
  • Length of Trip: 12 days
  • Time of year: November 18-28, 2019
  • Deadline for Applications: May 13, 2019
  • Number of Team Members: 5 – 10 including leaders
  • Estimated Cost: $1050 + airfare

This outreach offers the opportunity to visit, encourage and care for the vulnerable and poor living in Grand Gauve, Haiti. We will partner with Haiti Arise in their work with the Trade School (building projects, teaching opportunities), the Children’s Village (building projects), also reaching out through prison and school ministries. You will have the opportunity to share your love of Jesus through prayer and sharing to children at Tapion Church, which is a small yet strong children’s church.

Rwanda 2020

  • Mission Agency/Partner: World Relief (USA)
  • Team Leader(s): Pastor Tracy Minke
  • Length of Trip: 2 weeks
  • Time of year: February 22 - March 5, 2020
  • Deadline for Applications: August 5, 2019
  • Number of Team Members: 5-10, including leaders
  • Estimated Cost: $1800 + airfare

This trip offers the opportunity to visit, encourage and care for the local churches in Nyamasheke, Rwanda. You will engage with and learn from our partners at World Relief how their ministry empowers the local church to rise up and be the hands and feet of God in their own communities. You will meet, work with, pray for and encourage local pastors as they give hope to their churches and communities.

Uganda 2020

  • Missions Agency/Partner:  International Needs (Uganda)
  • Team Leader(s): Chantelle Schmidt
  • Length of Trip: 2 Weeks
  • Time of year: February 28-March 10, 2020
  • Deadline for Applications: August 12, 2019
  • Number of Team Members: 5 – 10 including leaders
  • Estimated Cost: $800 plus airfare

This trip offers the opportunity to serve alongside our partner International Needs Uganda, as they minister to the people of Buikwe. We will come alongside as they serve to alleviate spiritual and material poverty through their many programs. While the exact activities of the team will be guided by the needs of our partner, there will be key focus opportunities for the team. IN Uganda operates three schools in the Buikwe district, and CrossRoads has recently partnered with the High School to build a girls’ dormitory, in addition to the science laboratory completed a number of years ago. The team will support the educational programs in a variety of ways which could involve spending significant time with the youth while they attend school, participating in campus activities, and/or supporting the school staff in a multitude of ways. Other opportunities will involve learning about and participating in the IN Child Sponsorship program, Village Savings and Loans groups etc. Crossroads has partnered with this organization since 2008; your presence on this team will strengthen the long-term relationship our church has with IN Uganda and the community of Buikwe. You will be a gift to those you meet!