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UGANDA 2017 

Missions Agency/Partner:  International Needs (Uganda)

Team Leaders(s): TBA

Length of Trip: 2 Weeks

Time of year: October 2017

Deadline for Applications: April 2017

Number of Team Members: 5 – 10 including leaders

Estimated Cost: $2700 (may vary due to flight costs)

This trip offers the opportunity to care for the vulnerable, both young and old, in and around Buikwe, Uganda. We will come alongside our CHAP Uganda partners, as they continue to lovingly undertake a number of activities and programs, addressing the physical and spiritual well-being of individuals, families and small communities that deal with HIV/AIDS, malaria, malnutrition and a variety of other challenges. Through health clinics, home visitations, church services, visiting classrooms – both elementary and senior high, there will be many opportunities (some, not yet defined) to interact with individuals (those serving and especially those needing to be served) to develop relationships. Please note that this is NOT a medical team, so medical expertise is not a requirement, but of course those with a medical background are welcome to be part of the team.  Your presence, prayers and sharing the fruit of the Spirit will be a blessing to those you meet, and yourself.

HAITI 2017

Missions Agency/Partner: Haiti Arise Ministries

Team Leaders(s): TBA

Length of Trip: 2 Weeks

Time of year: November 2017

Deadline for Applications: May 2017

Number of Team Members: 5 – 10 (inclusive of leaders)

Estimated Cost: $1050 + airfare

This outreach offers the opportunity to visit, encourage and care for the vulnerable and poor living in Grand Gauve, Haiti. We will partner with Haiti Arise in their work with the Trade School (building projects, teaching opportunities), the Children’s Village (building projects), also reaching out through prison and school ministries. You will have the opportunity to share your love of Jesus through prayer and sharing to children at Tapion Church, which is a small yet strong children’s church.


Mission Agency/Partner: World Relief (USA)

Team Leader: TBA

Length of Trip: 2 weeks

Time of year: February 2018

Deadline for Applications: August 2017

Number of Team Members: 5-10, including leaders

Estimated Cost: $1800 + airfare

This trip offers the opportunity to visit, encourage and care for the local churches in Nyamasheke, Rwanda. You will engage with and learn from our partners at World Relief how their ministry empowers the local church to rise up and be the hands and feet of God in their own communities. You will meet, work with, pray for and encourage local pastors as they give hope to their churches and communities.