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Employment Opportunities

We are hiring for a Pastor of Worship Ministries and a Senior High Youth Pastor!

The Pastor of Worship Ministries is a full time position. We are looking for someone who is a passionate, visionary leader who will lead a truly exceptional team of worship leaders, musicians, vocalists, visual artists, actors, and technicians who lead the congregation into worship and adoration of our Lord. The person will join with the whole team to advance the kingdom of God through the body of Christ at CrossRoads Church. 

The Senior High Youth Pastor is a three-quarter to full time position. We are looking for someone who is a passionate, visionary leader with high teaching skills. The person will lead a strong team of youth leaders as together they seek to grow youth in their ability to understand both themselves and their relationship with God. They value and create play, energy, connectedness, meaningful memories and laughter. They champion both inner growth and outward focus. They work well in teams.

If you are interested in learning more about these roles, find the descriptions and application details at

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