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Hidden Figures - Continues Sunday

This summer, we have been exploring a variety of "Hidden Figures" throughout scripture. We are looking at how God has used people to advance His kingdom and His purposes throughout history.

We are hearing from several people from within our CrossRoads family who will testify to God's faithfulness in their lives and how God has worked in and through them in unique, sometimes simple but powerful ways. Listen to Georgie's powerful story of how God used some hidden figures in her life: 

Remember Bazalel & Oholiab? Who, you ask? Well if you're like most people, the names Bazalel & Oholiab aren't two that readily come to mind from Scripture. This Sunday, August 21, Pastor Jordan Cavanaugh will highlight these two hidden figures mentioned in Exodus 31:1-11. Join us Sunday to hear how God continues to use His people to write His glorious story!

As you come into the Sanctuary, you'll see the stage decorated with a variety of everyday common items, and you'll see that the cross is draped in green. These decorative decisions come out of our recognition that God works through ordinary things during ordinary times. (Green is a representation of "ordinary time" in the church calendar, which stretches between the Easter and Advent seasons).

We pray with you that God will enrich this season with powerful insight into how He is working through our lives, every day and in every moment.

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